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Wadsworth Mansion
"Sweet Mary"
Wadsworth Mansion

Here's another one-hit wonder, complete with an interesting back story to boot. The band formed in the early 70s in Providence, RI, behind the brothers Jablecki—Steve and Mike. They named themselves after an actual Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate in Middletown, CT. Steve wrote "Sweet Mary" and they had a hit on their hands that went all the way to #7.

At a tour stop in Edwardsville, PA, at the Colonel's Club, the band lost $15,000 of their equipment when a storm flooded the club. The tour had to be cut short. Somehow they managed to get new gear and mounted another tour, but the magic was gone. The label did not put out any other recordings that the band had already made, and the band soon dissolved.

The song definitely has a novelty song quality to it. The beginning goes something like, "Wop ba-dooba-do wop-wop-wop." It's very reminiscent of Blue Swede's "Ooga Chaka ooga..." from "Hooked on a Feeling." There is also the "Chickie, chickie, chickie" part in the middle. Overall, there isn't too much to write home about in the song. It's pretty much about an old-school booty call. The titular Mary writes a letter (how quaint) to her man saying that she's "got a stomach full of love." So, she's horny. The dude decides "to hop a freight [train]" and rush to be with Mary. The cowbell really shines during the "Chickie, chickie, chickie" part on through the reprise of the "Wop ba-dooba-do wop-wop-wop" part.

The Bell Score: 3.6291

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Allmusic (((Wadsworth Mansion > Overview )))
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