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Blue Swede
"Hooked on a Feeling" [B.J. Thomas]
Hooked on a Feeling

A novelty song if ever there was one. Can anyone else name another song by Blue Swede, who were coincidently from Sweden? I guess if you can, my hat goes off to you. I guess the chanting or whatever at the beginning reminds of the way cavemen are protrayed in pop culture. This "ooga-chakka, ooga-chakka" instantly discredits any artistic merit this song may have had. It goes to show how much I know, because it did go to #1 in 1974. It became familiar to me via Reservoir Dogs.

Further proof of this songs novelty has been it's use as the soundtrack to that damn dancing baby you used to see all over the internet. And David Hasslehoff covered it for the love of god! Now, I'm not one to hassle the 'Hoff. Knight Rider was one of my favorites shows as a kid. I even got to sit it KITT when it was at a car show that came to town when I was a kid. Even with all that said, you gotta see this shit:

'Ooga-Chaka': A Primer on the Unofficial 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Theme | SPIN | Music News

The Bell Score: 4.59843

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Allmusic (((Hooked on a Feeling > Overview )))
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