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"Why Did You Do It?"

I first heard this song in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It has a kinda funky sound that works well in the English gangster movie setting. The song has a really similar blues rock sound like that of Climax Blues Band's "Couldn't Get It Right." However, it wasn't as big a hit as that song. It did reach #16 in the UK in 1975, but didn't chart in the US. "Couldn't Get It Right" made it to #10 in the UK and all the way to #3 in US.

But that's not the real story here...the real story lies in the formation of Stretch. The musicians that would become Stretch were asked to fill in as Fleetwood Mac in 1974 to fulfill touring obligations in the US. Clifford Davis, Fleetwood Mac's manager at the time, and Mick Fleetwood himself formed the band and Fleetwood would join them once the tour started, even though he didn't join them for rehearsals. Fleetwood did not join them and denied even knowing the guys that were playing as his band in the US. Needless to say, the tour fell apart. Crowds were keyed in to the ruse by the fact that Christine McVie, the only female member of the band at the time, was not on keyboards.

After the debacle of the Fleetwood Mac tour, the band stuck together to become Stretch and wrote and recorded "Why Did You Do It?" as a jab at Fleetwood. As a further jab, the song was published under Fleetwood Music Ltd. with MCPS, as can be seen on the label for the single. The cowbell comes in in the second part of the song after the "One, two," and plays pretty much all the way to the end. Some horns were also added to the second part of the song which really add to the coolness factor of the song.

The Bell Score: 4.3091

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