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Death from Above 1979
"Sexy Results"
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Last Gang / Vice

Death from Above 1979 was is a duo from Toronto. So, they're Canadian, which is cool. I wouldn't mind being Canadian. My handful of trips there have been nothing but pleasant. Maybe some day, who knows? But I digress.

I suppose one could call DFA1979 dance-punk, because of the danceability of the music and the sometimes abrasive nature of the music, especially the bass guitar. "Sexy Results" falls more into the former category than the latter. It's got a great beat and the sexual nature of the lyrics also lend to being an excellent song for the club. There's plenty of percussion, too. Besides the cowbell and regular drums, you got some handclaps, tambourine, and congas.

Below you'll find the video. This particular version of the song is the MSTRKRFT Edition of the song from the remix album, Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sides. May you be forwarned about the potential disturbing nature of this video. It's not violent. There's no swearing. Just watch it with an open mind and realize the purpose of art is to make you uncomfortable, question what you think you know, and take you someplace you have never been.

DEATH FROM ABOVE - SEXY RESULTS from electrodomestico on Vimeo.

The Bell Score: 3.88039

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