UCDB: All Songs

1.!!! - "Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story)"
2.10cc - "Art For Art's Sake"
3.10cc - "Dreadlock Holiday"
4.10,000 Maniacs - "Like the Weather"
5.2 Live Crew - "Throw the Dick"
6.20 Miles - "Clover"
7.2Pac - "I Don't Give a Fuck"
8.3OH!3 - "Starstrukk"
9.a-ha - "The Weight of the Wind"
10.ABC - "How to Be a Millionaire"
11.Phil Abraham - "Drive My Car (Live)" [The Beatles]
12.AC-Rock - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
13.Accept - "Street Fighter"
14.Barbara Acklin - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
15.Addictiv - "Just Breathe"
16.Aerosmith - "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
17.Aerosmith - "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"
18.Aerosmith - "Just Push Play"
19.Aerosmith - "Last Child"
20.Aerosmith - "Legendary Child"
21.Aerosmith - "Out Go the Lights"
22.Aerosmith - "Walk This Way"
23.The Agony Scene - "Scars of Your Disease"
24.Christina Aguilera - "Lady Marmalade" [The Eleventh Hour]
25.Air - "Universal Traveler"
26.Alabama - "Mountain Music"
27.Alien Ant Farm - "Around the Block"
28.Alien Ant Farm - "Rubber Mallet"
29.All Good Funk Alliance - "Mr. Hipnoid"
30.All Shall Perish - "Wage Slaves"
31.The Gregg Allman Band - "I'm No Angel"
32.Alter Ego - "Rocker"
33.American Minor - "Buffalo Creek"
34.American Werewolf Academy - "The Good Time Kids"
35.Amerie - "Need You Tonight"
36.Trey Anastasio - "Alive Again"
37.Trey Anastasio - "Cayman Review"
38.Trey Anastasio - "Host Across the Potomac"
39.Trey Anastasio - "If You're Walking"
40.Trey Anastasio - "Land of Nod"
41.Trey Anastasio - "Last Tube"
42.Trey Anastasio - "Mud City"
43.Trey Anastasio - "Olivia"
44.Trey Anastasio - "Porters Pyramids"
45.Trey Anastasio - "Push on 'Til the Day"
46.Trey Anastasio - "Sidewalks of San Francisco"
47.Anberlin - "The Undeveloped Story"
48.And So I Watch You from Afar - "Don't Waste Time Doing Things You Hate"
49.Laurie Anderson - "Sharkey's Night"
50.Paul Anka - "Remember Diana"
51.Annette and the Afterbeats - "Tall Paul"
52.The Anomoanon - "Kick Back"
53.Anquette - "Throw the P"
54.Marc Anthony - "I Need to Know"
55.Anthrax - "Belly of the Beast"
56.Anthrax - "P & V"
57.Anthrax - "She" [KISS]
58.Anthrax - "Watchin' You" [KISS]
59.Anvil - "Burning Bridges"
60.Anvil - "Flying"
61.Anvil - "Holy Wood"
62.Anvil - "Juggernaut of Justice"
63.Anvil - "Oh Jane"
64.Anvil - "Pay the Toll"
65.Anvil - "Worry"
66.Aphex Twin - "Logan Rock Witch"
67.Aphex Twin - "Mt Saint Michel Mix +St Michaels Mount"
68.Aphex Twin - "Windowlicker, Acid Edit"
69.Apollo Sunshine - "Mayday Disorder"
70.ApologetiX - "(Don't Fear) the People" [Blue Öyster Cult]
71.ApologetiX - "Good Guys Bad Guys" [Led Zeppelin]
72.ApologetiX - "The Devil Went Down to Jordan" [The Charlie Daniels Band]
73.ApologetiX - "Trooth" [Santana Rob Thomas]
74.ApologetiX - "We're In a Parody Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
75.The Apples in Stereo - "Allright / Not Quite"
76.The Apples in Stereo - "Can You Feel It?"
77.The Apples in Stereo - "Energy"
78.The Apples in Stereo - "Sunday Sounds"
79.The Apples in Stereo - "Told You Once"
80.Applied Communications - "Boy for Sale"
81.April Wine - "Drop Your Guns"
82.April Wine - "Get Ready for Love"
83.April Wine - "Tonite Is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love"
84.April Wine - "Weeping Widow"
85.Architecture in Helsinki - "Hold Music"
86.Architecture in Helsinki - "Red Turned White"
87.Arctic Monkeys - "Bad Woman"
88.Arctic Monkeys - "Balaclava"
89.Arctic Monkeys - "Dancing Shoes (Rhythms del Mundo Version)"
90.Arctic Monkeys - "Love Machine" [Girls Aloud]
91.Arctic Monkeys - "Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?"
92.Argent - "Hold Your Head Up"
93.Armored Saint - "Loose Cannon"
94.Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra - "Cuban Pete" [Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra]
95.Arrested Development - "Tennessee"
96.As Tall as Lions - "Sixes & Sevens"
97.Ash - "Detonator"
98.Ash - "Kung Fu"
99.Daniel Ash - "Walk This Way" [Tito Puente]
100.Asia - "Heat of the Moment"
101.Asia - "Here Comes the Feeling"
102.Asia - "Only Time Will Tell"
103.The Association - "Along Comes Mary"
104.Fred Astaire - "Nice Work If You Can Get It (Reprise)" [Shep Fields and His Ripping Rhythm]
105.The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "Around the Bend"
106.astroPuppees - "Stuck in the Middle" [Stealers Wheel]
107.Chet Atkins - "Southern Nights" [Allen Toussaint]
108.Atmosphere - "Bam (Eventually Suddenly)"
109.Atom and His Package - "Trump"
110.Atomic Rooster - "Tomorrow Night"
111.Atreyu - "Blow"
112.Audio Adrenaline - "Free Ride" [The Edgar Winter Group]
113.Audio Adrenaline - "Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus"
114.Audioslave - "Original Fire"
115.Audioslave - "Revelations"
116.Audioslave - "Your Time Has Come"
117.Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - "Compared to What" [Les McCann]
118.Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" [Marvin Gaye]
119.Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - "Light on the Path"
120.Australian Crawl - "The Boys Light Up"
121.Autograph - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
122.Axxis - "Good Times, Bad Times" [Led Zeppelin]
123.The B-52's - "Junebug"
124.The B-52's - "Love Shack"
125.The B-52's - "Rock Lobster"
126.Babes in Toyland - "More, More, More" [The Andrea True Connection]
127.Babes in Toyland - "Sweet '69"
128.The Babys - "Looking for Love"
129.P.D.Q. Bach - "1712 Overture (S. 1712)"
130.Sebastian Bach - "(Love Is) A Bitchslap"
131.Sebastian Bach - "Kicking & Screaming"
132.Bachman & Turner - "Can't Go Back to Memphis"
133.Bachman & Turner - "Neutral Zone"
134.Bachman & Turner - "Rock and Roll Is the Only Way Out"
135.Bachman & Turner - "Rollin' Along"
136.Bachman & Turner - "Sledgehammer (Live)" [Bachman-Turner Overdrive]
137.Bachman & Turner - "That's What It Is"
138.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Another Fool"
139.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Blue Collar"
140.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Don't Get Yourself in Trouble"
141.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Don't Let Blues Get You Down"
142.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Down and Out Man"
143.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Down the Road"
144.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Down to the Line"
145.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Down, Down"
146.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Easy Groove"
147.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Flat Broke Love"
148.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Give It Time"
149.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Heaven Tonight"
150.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Here She Comes Again"
151.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Hey You"
152.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "It's Over"
153.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Jamaica"
154.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Just for You"
155.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Just Look at Me Now"
156.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Madison Avenue"
157.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Mississippi Queen (Live)" [Mountain]
158.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Rock and Roll Hell"
159.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song"
160.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Second Hand"
161.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "She's a Devil"
162.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Street Action"
163.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "Wastin' Time"
164.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"
165.Bachman-Turner Overdrive - "You're Gonna Miss Me"
166.Backstreet Boys - "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)"
167.Backstreet Boys - "Larger Than Life"
168.Backstreet Boys - "The One"
169.Backstreet Boys - "We've Got It Goin' On"
170.Bad Brains - "Pay To Cum"
171.Bad Company - "Boys Cry Tough"
172.Bad Company - "Holy Water"
173.Bad Company - "I Don't Care"
174.Bad Company - "Rock Steady"
175.Bad Company - "Stranger Stranger"
176.Bad Company - "Walk Through Fire"
177.Bad Company - "With You In a Heartbeat"
178.The Bad Plus - "Cheney Piñata"
179.Bad Wizard - "Jealous Man"
180.Bad Wizard - "So Bad"
181.Bad Wizard - "Strawberry"
182.Badlands - "Heaven's Train"
183.David Baerwald - "Dance"
184.Baha Men - "Get Ya Party On"
185.Baha Men - "Getting Hotter"
186.Baha Men - "Where Did I Go Wrong"
187.Baha Men - "Who Let the Dogs Out"
188.Philip Bailey - "Photogenic Memory"
189.George Baker Selection - "Little Green Bag"
190.The Bakerton Group - "Great Bakertons"
191.The Bakerton Group - "Peruvian Airspace"
192.Baltimoore - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
193.The Band - "Life Is a Carnival"
194.The Band - "Time to Kill"
195.Banda Pachuco - "Lowrider (El Pachuco)" [WAR]
196.Bangles - "A Hazy Shade of Winter" [Simon & Garfunkel]
197.Barcode - "We're Not Gonna Take It" [Twisted Sister]
198.Barenaked Ladies - "I Know"
199.Dave Bartholomew - "Shrimp and Gumbo"
200.Shirley Bassey - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
201.Justine Bateman - "Knock on Wood" [Eddie Floyd]
202.BATS - "Credulous! Credulous!"
203.BATS - "Higgs Boson Particle"
204.Battles - "Dominican Fade"
205.Bauhaus - "Watch That Grandad Go"
206.Bayeté - "Free Angela"
207.Be-Bop Deluxe - "Forbidden Lovers"
208.The Beach Boys - "Kokomo"
209.The Beach Boys - "Slip on Through"
210.Beach House - "Myth"
211.Beastie Boys - "14th St. Break"
212.Beastie Boys - "Alright Hear This"
213.Beastie Boys - "Electric Worm"
214.Beastie Boys - "Funky Donkey"
215.Beastie Boys - "Gratitude"
216.Beastie Boys - "Here's a Little Something For Ya"
217.Beastie Boys - "Hey Ladies"
218.Beastie Boys - "Make Some Noise"
219.Beastie Boys - "Michelle's Farm"
220.Beastie Boys - "Nonstop Powerpack Disco"
221.Beastie Boys - "She's Crafty"
222.Beastie Boys - "Son of Neckbone"
223.Beastie Boys - "Sure Shot"
224.Beastie Boys - "The Kangaroo Rat"
225.Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble"
226.The Beat - "Working Too Hard"
227.The Beatles - "A Hard Day's Night"
228.The Beatles - "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" [Larry Williams]
229.The Beatles - "Drive My Car"
230.The Beatles - "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"
231.The Beatles - "Helter Skelter"
232.The Beatles - "I Call Your Name"
233.The Beatles - "I Need You"
234.The Beatles - "It's All Too Much"
235.The Beatles - "Lovely Rita"
236.The Beatles - "Magical Mystery Tour"
237.The Beatles - "Revolution"
238.The Beatles - "Taxman"
239.The Beatles - "With a Little Help From My Friends"
240.The Beatles - "You Can't Do That"
241.The Beatles - "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)"
242.The Beautiful Girls - "So It Seems"
243.Beck - "1000BPM"
244.Beck - "Cellphone's Dead"
245.Beck - "Clap Hands"
246.Beck - "E-Pro"
247.Beck - "Elevator Music"
248.Beck - "Fuckin' With My Head (Mountain Dew Rock)"
249.Beck - "Heaven Hammer (Missing)"
250.Beck - "Mixed Bizness"
251.Beck - "Nausea"
252.Beck - "Peaches & Cream"
253.Beck - "Strange Apparition"
254.Beck - "The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton"
255.Beck - "The Little Drum Machine Boy"
256.Beck - "Where It's At"
257.Bedlam - "Magic Carpet Ride" [Steppenwolf]
258.Bee Gees - "Jive Talkin'"
259.Bee Gees - "You Should Be Dancing"
260.Before Their Eyes - "The Journey Down South (Starts with a 2 Step)"
261.Mach Bell & His Elves - "C'Mon Santa!"
262.Bell X1 - "A Better Band"
263.Belle and Sebastian - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Bootleg)" [Blue Öyster Cult]
264.Belle and Sebastian - "The Blues Are Still Blue"
265.Belle and Sebastian - "The Wrong Girl"
266.Belle and Sebastian - "Your Cover's Blown"
267.Belle Farms Estates - "Puddin"
268.Belleruche - "Gold Rush"
269.The BellRays - "Snake City"
270.The BellRays - "Time Is Gone"
271.The BellRays - "Warhead"
272.The BellRays - "Zero P.M."
273.Francis Benítez - "Besame Mucho"
274.George Benson - "On Broadway" [The Drifters]
275.George Benson - "The Ghetto" [Donny Hathaway]
276.Between the Buried and Me - "Ants of the Sky"
277.Bibio - "Lovers' Carvings"
278.Bibio - "Take Off Your Shirt"
279.Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - "Mambo Swing"
280.Big Cock - "You Suck the Love Out of Me"
281.Big Country - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" [Blue Öyster Cult]
282.Big Country - "Down on the Corner" [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
283.Big Country - "Honky Tonk Women (Live)" [The Rolling Stones]
284.Big Country - "King of Emotion"
285.Big Country - "Oh Well" [Fleetwood Mac]
286.Big Country - "Vicious" [Lou Reed]
287.Big Data - "Dangerous"
288.Big K.R.I.T. - "Return of 4eva"
289.Big Pun - "100%"
290.Big Star - "In the Street"
291.Big Star - "Kanga Roo"
292.Big Star - "Mod Lang"
293.Big Star - "She's a Mover"
294.Biloxi - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
295.Birdy Nam Nam - "Manual for Successful Rioting"
296.Bis - "Secret Vampires"
297.Aloe Blacc - "Can You Do This"
298.The Black Crowes - "Gone"
299.The Black Crowes - "High Head Blues"
300.The Black Crowes - "I Ain't Hiding"
301.The Black Crowes - "P.25 London"
302.The Black Crowes - "Sting Me"
303.The Black Crowes - "Wiser Time"
304.The Black Eyed Peas - "Hey Mama"
305.The Black Eyed Peas - "Latin Girls"
306.The Black Eyed Peas - "Sexy"
307.Black Heat - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
308.The Black Keys - "Gotta Get Away"
309.The Black Keys - "I Got Mine"
310.Black Leotard Front - "Casual Friday"
311.The Black Mages - "Those Who Fight Further (「更に闘う者達」FFVII)"
312.Black Sabbath - "Lord of This World"
313.Black Sabbath - "Meglomania"
314.Black Sabbath - "Rock 'n' Roll Doctor"
315.Black Sabbath - "The Wizard"
316.Black Sabbath - "Tomorrow's Dream"
317.The Black Sorrows - "Daughters of Glory"
318.Black Strobe - "Boogie in Zero Gravity"
319.Black 'N Blue - "Monkey"
320.Blackstar [Rising] - "New Song"
321.Blackstar [Rising] - "Sound of Silence"
322.James Blake - "Give a Man a Rod (Second Version)"
323.James Blake - "Voyeur"
324.Blakk Totem - "Calling Dr. Love" [KISS]
325.Blakroc - "Done Did It"
326.The Blasters - "Dark Night"
327.Blind Faith - "Well...All Right" [Buddy Holly]
328.blink-182 - "Feeling This"
329.Blonde Redhead - "Dr. Strangeluv"
330.Blonde Redhead - "Silently"
331.Blood Cult - "Redneck Black Metal"
332.Blood of the Sun - "99 1/2" [Wilson Pickett]
333.Blood of the Sun - "Dusk"
334.Blood of the Sun - "Get Yours"
335.Blood of the Sun - "Good Feeling"
336.Blood of the Sun - "Hell on Its Knees"
337.Blood of the Sun - "No Honey"
338.Blood of the Sun - "Ritual Rite"
339.Blood of the Sun - "Road King"
340.Blood of the Sun - "Rock Your Station"
341.Blood of the Sun - "Wizard"
342.Bloodhound Gang - "A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying"
343.Bloodhound Gang - "Coo Coo Ca Choo"
344.The Bloody Beetroots - "Rocksteady"
345.Bloody Hammers - "Witch of Endor"
346.Blood, Sweat & Tears - "And When I Die" [Laura Nyro]
347.Blood, Sweat & Tears - "Spinning Wheel"
348.Blossom Toes - "I'll Be Late for Tea"
349.Blossom Toes - "You"
350.Kurtis Blow - "If I Ruled the World"
351.Kurtis Blow - "The Breaks"
352.Blue Öyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"
353.Blue Öyster Cult - "Hot Rails to Hell"
354.Blue Cheer - "Babylon"
355.Blue Swede - "Hooked on a Feeling" [B.J. Thomas]
356.The Blues Brothers - "Gimme Some Lovin'" [Spencer Davis Group]
357.Blur - "Tracy Jacks"
358.Boards of Canada - "Aquarius"
359.Bob & Tom - "Fat Like Santa"
360.Willie Bobo - "Evil Ways"
361.Willie Bobo - "Grazing in the Grass" [Hugh Masekela]
362.Willie Bobo - "Spanish Grease"
363.Bon Jovi - "Blame It on the Love of Rock & Roll"
364.Bona Fide - "Low Rider" [WAR]
365.Gary "U.S." Bonds - "Every Time I Roll the Dice" [Delbert McClinton]
366.Booker T. & the MG's - "Slim Jenkin's Joint"
367.Booker T. & the MG's - "Soul Limbo"
368.BOP (harvey) - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
369.Vania Borges - "Ai No Corrida" [Chaz Jankel]
370.Vania Borges - "Don't Know Why" [Norah Jones]
371.Boris - "メッセージ"
372.Boris - "Electric"
373.Botch - "Rock Lobster" [The B-52's]
374.Bowes & Morley - "Why Did You Do It?" [Stretch]
375.David Bowie - "Diamond Dogs"
376.David Bowie - "Fame 90 (Gass Mix)"
377.David Bowie - "Rebel Rebel"
378.Billy Bragg - "Hoodoo Voodoo"
379.Brave Combo - "Sixteen Tons" [Merle Travis]
380.Break the Silence - "Nightrain" [Guns N' Roses]
381.Breakfast Club - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
382.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - "All Around You (Intro)"
383.The Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Monkey Puzzle"
384.Brick - "Dazz"
385.Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - "Mama Help Me"
386.Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - "What I Am"
387.Britny Fox - "Hair of the Dog" [Nazareth]
388.Dave Brockie Experience - "Damn That Money"
389.Andrew Broder - "Drop Some Smooth Lyrics" [Edan]
390.Broken Social Scene - "Swimmers"
391.Garth Brooks - "All Right Now" [Free]
392.Garth Brooks - "Amos Moses" [Jerry Reed]
393.Brooks & Dunn - "Rock My World (Little Country Girl)"
394.Brother Cane - "Got No Shame"
395.Brother Noland - "Coconut Girl"
396.The Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" [Shuggie Otis]
397.James Brown - "Mind Power"
398.James Brown - "My Thang"
399.James Brown - "People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul"
400.James Brown - "The Spank"
401.Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers - "Bustin' Loose"
402.Brownsville Station - "I Got It Bad for You"
403.Michael Bublé - "Stuck in the Middle with You" [Stealers Wheel]
404.Buckcherry - "All Night Long"
405.Buckcherry - "Talk to Me"
406.Buckner & Garcia - "Mousetrap"
407.Buddaheads - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
408.Budgie - "(Don't Want to) Find That Girl"
409.Budgie - "Falling"
410.Budgie - "Hot as a Docker's Armpit"
411.Budgie - "I Ain't No Mountain" [Andy Fairweather Low]
412.Budgie - "I Can't See My Feelings"
413.Budgie - "In for the Kill"
414.Budgie - "Melt the Ice Away"
415.Budgie - "Quacktor and Bureaucats"
416.Budgie - "Whiskey River"
417.The Budos Band - "Black Venom"
418.The Budos Band - "Budos Dirge"
419.The Budos Band - "Chicago Falcon"
420.The Budos Band - "Eastbound"
421.The Budos Band - "Ghost Walk"
422.The Budos Band - "Golden Dunes"
423.The Budos Band - "Monkey See, Monkey Do"
424.The Budos Band - "Reppirt Yad" [The Beatles]
425.The Budos Band - "The Volcano Song"
426.The Budos Band - "Up From the South"
427.Buena Vista Social Club - "Candela"
428.Buena Vista Social Club - "El Cuarto de Tula"
429.Jimmy Buffett - "Fins"
430.Bullet - "Citylights"
431.Bullet - "Heavy Metal Dynamite"
432.BulletBoys - "Do Me Raw"
433.BulletBoys - "Hang on St. Christopher" [Tom Waits]
434.BulletBoys - "Hard as a Rock"
435.BulletBoys - "Owed to Joe"
436.BulletBoys - "Shoot the Preacher"
437.BulletBoys - "Slow and Easy"
438.BulletBoys - "THC Groove"
439.Bullring Brummies - "The Wizard" [Black Sabbath]
440.Vernon Burch - "Get Up"
441.Eric Burdon - "Spill the Wine"
442.The Burger Project - "Game of Love" [Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders]
443.Burning Brides - "Stabbed in the Back of the Heart"
444.Burning Sensations - "Pablo Picasso" [The Modern Lovers]
445.Glen Burtnik - "Not So Far Away" [Tom Cochrane]
446.The John Butler Trio - "Close to You"
447.The John Butler Trio - "Funky Tonight"
448.The John Butler Trio - "Good Excuse"
449.John Buzon Trio - "It Must Be True" [Bing Crosby]
450.The Byrds - "Fido"
451.The Byrds - "Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)" [The Leaves]
452.The Byrds - "[You Got a] Reputation" [Tim Hardin]
453.Chris Cacavas & Junkyard Love - "Saint"
454.Cage the Elephant - "Back Stabbin' Betty"
455.Cage the Elephant - "Lotus"
456.Scott Cain - "Don't Stop Rollin'"
457.CAKE - "Dime"
458.CAKE - "Mahna, Mahna" [Piero Umiliani]
459.CAKE - "Mr. Mastodon Farm"
460.CAKE - "Mustache Man (Wasted)"
461.CAKE - "Short Skirt / Long Jacket"
462.CAKE - "Tougher Than It Is"
463.CAKE - "You Part the Waters"
464.Cameo - "Rigor Mortis"
465.Camp Freddy - "Good Times, Bad Times (Bootleg)" [Led Zeppelin]
466.Can - "One More Night"
467.The Canadian Brass - "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers"
468.The Canadian Brass - "The Toy Trumpet"
469.Brendan Canning - "Love Is New"
470.Cansei de Ser Sexy - "Let's Reggae All Night"
471.Canyons - "Fire Eyes"
472.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Abba Zaba"
473.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Ella Guru"
474.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish"
475.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Veteran's Day Poppy"
476.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Cardboard Cutout Sundown"
477.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat"
478.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"
479.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Low Yo Yo Stuff"
480.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Peaches"
481.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Petrified Forest"
482.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Smithsonian Institute Blues (Or the Big Dig)"
483.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Space-Age Couple"
484.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Sun Zoom Spark"
485.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy"
486.Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - "Woe-Is-Uh-Me-Bop"
487.Captain Beyond - "As the Moon Speaks (Return)"
488.Captain Beyond - "Bright, Blue Tango"
489.Captain Beyond - "Distant Sun"
490.Captain Beyond - "Everything's a Circle"
491.Captain Beyond - "Evil Men"
492.Captain Beyond - "I Can't Feel Nothin', Part 1"
493.Captain Beyond - "Mesmerization Eclipse"
494.Captain Beyond - "Oblivion"
495.Captain Beyond - "Raging River of Fear"
496.Caravan - "Love to Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly)"
497.Carcass - "Death Rider Da"
498.Carcass - "Emotional Flatline"
499.Carcass - "Keep On Rotting in the Free World"
500.Carcass - "R**k the Vote"
501.Cardigans - "I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer"
502.Caribou - "Leave House"
503.Jim Carrey - "Cuban Pete" [Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra]
504.Julian Casablancas - "11th Dimension"
505.The Cast of Cannibal! The Musical - "Hang the Bastard!"
506.Jimmy Castor - "Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You"
507.The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "It's Just Begun"
508.The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "King Kong"
509.The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "Supersound"
510.Cathedral - "Painting in the Dark"
511.Cats in Boots - "Bad Boys Are Back"
512.Cats in Boots - "Shot Gun Sally"
513.Cats in Boots - "Whip It Out"
514.Causa Sui - "Manifestations of Summer: Santa Sangre"
515.Causa Sui - "Portixeddu"
516.Causa Sui - "Streams of Gratitude"
517.Causa Sui - "Visions of Summer"
518.CCS - "Sixteen Tons" [Merle Travis]
519.Celtic Frost - "Dethroned Emperor"
520.Celtic Frost - "Mexican Radio" [Wall of Voodoo]
521.Ray Cepeda - "Just the Two of Us" [Grover Washinton]
522.Cerrone - "Look for Love"
523.The Chambers Brothers - "All Strung Out Over You"
524.The Chambers Brothers - "Bang Bang (Live)" [The Joe Cuba Sextet]
525.The Chambers Brothers - "Time Has Come Today"
526.Kerri Chandler - "Bar a Thym"
527.Kerri Chandler - "Phuck This Cowbell"
528.Ray Charles - "Compared to What" [Les McCann]
529.Charm City Devils - "Pour Me"
530.Chase - "Get it On"
531.Cheap Trick - "Ain't That a Shame (Live)" [Fats Domino]
532.Cheap Trick - "That 70's Song" [Big Star]
533.Cheech & Chong - "Earache My Eye"
534.Cheech & Chong - "Lost Due to Incompetence (Theme for a Big Green Van)"
535.Cheech & Chong - "Rock Fight"
536.Cheech & Chong - "Searchin'"
537.The Chemical Brothers - "Chemical Beats"
538.The Chemical Brothers - "Close Your Eyes"
539.The Chemical Brothers - "Denmark"
540.The Chemical Brothers - "Hold Tight London"
541.The Chemical Brothers - "Orange Wedge"
542.The Chemical Brothers - "The Boxer (DFA Version)"
543.Chevelle - "Take Out the Gunman"
544.Chicago - "Just You 'N' Me"
545.Chicago - "Street Player"
546.Chicago - "Travel Suite: Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home"
547.The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew - "The Super Bowl Shuffle"
548.Chicago Transit Authority - "Beginnings"
549.Chicago Transit Authority - "I'm a Man" [The Spencer Davis Group]
550.Chicago Transit Authority - "Listen"
551.Chickenfoot - "Big Foot"
552.Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz - "Ice Cream and Cake"
553.Willy Chirino - "Because" [The Beatles]
554.Willy Chirino - "Blackbird" [The Beatles]
555.Willy Chirino - "Come Together" [The Beatles]
556.Willy Chirino - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
557.Willy Chirino - "Helter Skelter" [The Beatles]
558.Willy Chirino - "I've Just Seen a Face" [The Beatles]
559.Willy Chirino - "I’ll Follow the Sun / Here Comes the Sun" [The Beatles]
560.Willy Chirino - "Just the Two of Us" [Grover Washinton]
561.Willy Chirino - "Obladi, Oblada" [The Beatles]
562.Willy Chirino - "Yellow Submarine" [The Beatles]
563.Chopper - "Stuck in the Middle with You" [Stealers Wheel]
564.Chrome Sparks - "Marijuana"
565.Chromeo - "Hot Mess"
566.Chumbawamba - "She's Got All the Friends That Money Can Buy"
567.Charlotte Church - "Habañera" [Georges Bizet]
568.Church of Misery (チャーチ・オブ・ミザリー) - "The Gray Man (Albert Fish)"
569.Cibo Matto - "About a Girl" [Nirvana]
570.Cinderella - "Shake Me"
571.Cinderella - "Sick for the Cure"
572.Cinderella - "Take Me Back"
573.CIRCUS - "Give Me Time"
574.CIRCUS - "Love of the Morning"
575.Circus Devils - "Love Hate Relationship with the Human Race"
576.Clémentine - "Little Green Bag" [The George Baker Selection]
577.Eric Clapton - "Stone Free" [The Jimi Hendrix Experience]
578.Chris Clark - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
579.Gilby Clarke - "Diamond Dogs" [David Bowie]
580.The Clash - "Clampdown"
581.The Clash - "Rock the Casbah"
582.The Clash - "Train in Vain"
583.The Classic Crime - "Gravedigging"
584.Les Claypool and The Holy Mackerel - "Hendershot"
585.Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade - "Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Live)" [Pink Floyd]
586.Climax Blues Band - "Couldn't Get it Right"
587.Clinic - "The Bridge"
588.Rosemary Clooney - "Sway" [Dean Martin]
589.Club Nouveau - "Lean On Me" [Bill Withers]
590.Clutch - "10,000 Witnesses"
591.Clutch - "American Sleep"
592.Clutch - "Big Fat Pig"
593.Clutch - "Brazenhead"
594.Clutch - "Cattle Car"
595.Clutch - "Circus Maximus"
596.Clutch - "Cross-eyed Mary" [Jethro Tull]
597.Clutch - "Cypress Grove"
598.Clutch - "D.C. Sound Attack!"
599.Clutch - "Equinox" [John Coltrane]
600.Clutch - "Four Lords (And One More)"
601.Clutch - "Frankenstein"
602.Clutch - "Minotaur"
603.Clutch - "Mr. Freedom"
604.Clutch - "Nickel Dime"
605.Clutch - "Pulaski Skyway"
606.Clutch - "Raised by Horses"
607.Clutch - "Release the Dub"
608.Clutch - "Release the Kraken"
609.Clutch - "Rock N' Roll Outlaw"
610.Clutch - "Sleestak Lightning"
611.Clutch - "Small Upsetters"
612.Clutch - "Spleen Merchant"
613.Clutch - "Super Duper"
614.Clutch - "Texan Book of the Dead"
615.Clutch - "The Great Outdoors!"
616.Clutch - "Tripping the Alarm"
617.Clutch - "Willie Nelson"
618.Clutch - "Wishbone"
619.Clutch - "WYSIWYG"
620.Co. Fee - "Cowbell"
621.Cobra Starship - "It's Amateur Night at the Appollo Creed!"
622.Cobra Starship - "Smile for the Paparazzi"
623.Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - "Good Times"
624.Joe Cocker - "Hitchcock Railway"
625.Joe Cocker - "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" [The Beatles]
626.Joe Cocker - "The Letter (Live)" [The Box Tops]
627.Coheed and Cambria - "Apollo I: The Writing Writer"
628.Coheed and Cambria - "Crossing the Frame (Live)"
629.Coheed and Cambria - "Everything Evil / The Trooper / Devil in Jersey City (Medley) (Live)"
630.Coheed and Cambria - "Mother May I (Live)"
631.Coheed and Cambria - "Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial) (Live)"
632.Coheed and Cambria - "The Suffering (Live)"
633.Coheed and Cambria - "The Velorium Camper I: Faint of Hearts"
634.Coheed and Cambria - "The Willing Well I: Fuel for the Feeding End (Live)"
635.Coheed and Cambria - "The Willing Well II: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness (Live)"
636.Coheed and Cambria - "The Willing Well III: Apollo II: The Telling Truth (Live)"
637.Coldplay - "Clocks (Time Is Running Out) (Rhythms del Mundo Version)"
638.Collective Soul - "Smashing Young Man"
639.Phil Collins - "Dance into the Light"
640.Bootsy Collins and Bootsy's Rubber Band - "Roto-Rooter"
641.John Coltrane - "Peace on Earth (Live)"
642.The Columbia Ballroom Orchestra - "Ai No Corrida" [Chaz Jankel]
643.Commodores - "Brick House"
644.Commodores - "Lady (You Bring Me Up)"
645.The Comsat Angels - "Red Planet"
646.Con Funk Shun - "Got to Be Enough"
647.Con Funk Shun - "Too Tight"
648.The Concretes - "My Ways"
649.Converge - "Homewrecker"
650.Tommy Conwell & the Young Rumblers - "I'm Not Your Man"
651.The Cool Kids - "What Up Man"
652.Spade Cooley and His Orchestra - "Cow Bell Polka"
653.Coolio - "Gangsta's Paradise"
654.Alice Cooper - "Cold Ethyl"
655.Alice Cooper - "Didn't We Meet"
656.Alice Cooper - "Escape"
657.Alice Cooper - "Go to Hell"
658.Alice Cooper - "Headlines"
659.Alice Cooper - "I'm Hungry"
660.Alice Cooper - "King of the Silver Screen"
661.Alice Cooper - "Life and Death of the Party"
662.Alice Cooper - "Prologue / I Know Where You Live"
663.Alice Cooper - "Raped and Freezin'"
664.Alice Cooper - "This Maniac's in Love With You"
665.Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - "Treat Her Like a Lady"
666.Chris Cornell - "Your Soul Today"
667.Cornershop - "Brimful of Asha (Norman Cook Remix Single Version)"
668.Jack Costanzo - "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" [Jacob Jacobs / Sholom Secunda / Sammy Cahn / Saul Chaplin]
669.Johnny Cougar - "I Need a Lover"
670.Cowboy Junkies - "Anniversary Song"
671.Graham Coxon - "It Ain't No Lie"
672.Cracker - "Good Times Bad Times" [Led Zeppelin]
673.The Cranberries - "Free to Decide"
674.Cream - "Sweet Wine (Live at Winterland)"
675.Cream - "SWLABR (Demo)"
676.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Born on the Bayou"
677.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Down on the Corner"
678.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Hello Mary Lou" [Ricky Nelson]
679.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" [Gladys Knight & the Pips]
680.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)" [Wilson Pickett]
681.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Pagan Baby"
682.Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Porterville"
683.Peter Criss - "Out of Control"
684.Peter Criss - "Tossin' and Turnin'" [Bobby Lewis]
685.Cristina - "Baby You Can Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
686.Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - "Carry On"
687.The Crown - "Blitzkrieg Witchcraft"
688.The Crystal Method - "Dirty Thirty"
689.The Crystal Method - "PHD"
690.The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Bang! Bang!"
691.Cuff the Duke - "If I Live or If I Die"
692.Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra - "One Mint Julep" [The Clovers]
693.Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra - "Siboney" [Ernesto Lecuona]
694.The Cult - "Electric Ocean"
695.The Cure - "Freakshow (Mix 13)"
696.Tim Curry - "Birds of a Feather" [Rough Trade]
697.Tim Curry - "Sweet Transvestite"
698.Cursive - "Double Dead"
699.Cut Chemist - "What's the Altitude"
700.Cycle Sluts from Hell - "Badass Mama"
701.Déclassé - "Shadows"
702.D.V.D.A. - "Now You're a Man"
703.Dada Life - "White Noise/Red Meat"
704.Daft Punk - "Something About Us"
705.DAG - "Plow"
706.DAG - "Your Mama's Eyes"
707.Dag Nasty - "Simple Minds"
708.Damn Yankees - "Coming of Age"
709.The Damned - "Stranger on the Town"
710.Dance Gavin Dance - "Don't Tell Dave"
711.Dance Gavin Dance - "Hot Water on Wool (Reprise)"
712.Danger Danger - "Monkey Business"
713.Danger Danger - "Shot 'o Love"
714.Dangerman - "Let's Make a Deal"
715.Dangerman - "Listen to the Music"
716.Dangerous Toys - "Teas'n, Pleas'n"
717.The Charlie Daniels Band - "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"
718.Danko Jones - "Full of Regret"
719.Danko Jones - "Hot Damn Woman"
720.Danko Jones - "I Love Living in the City"
721.Danko Jones - "Love Is Unkind"
722.Danko Jones - "Make a Move"
723.Danko Jones - "Papa"
724.Danko Jones - "Sold My Soul"
725.Danko Jones - "Sugar High"
726.Danko Jones - "Woogie Boogie"
727.Dark Quarterer - "Crazy White Race"
728.Dark Quarterer - "Rape"
729.The Darkness - "One Way Ticket"
730.The Darkness - "Wanker"
731.Darkthrone - "In the Shadow of the Horns"
732.Das Pop - "Underground"
733.Dash Rip Rock - "The Rapper" [The Jaggerz]
734.The Datsuns - "At Your Touch"
735.The Datsuns - "Messin' Around"
736.The Datsuns - "Motherfucker From Hell"
737.The Datsuns - "What Would I Know"
738.Jackie Davis - "The Glow-Worm" [Paul Lincke]
739.Skeeter Davis - "Well...All Right" [Buddy Holly]
740.The Spencer Davis Group - "Gimme Some Lovin'"
741.Sammy Davis, Jr. - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
742.Dawn - "Knock Three Times"
743.Taylor Dayne - "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" [Barry White]
744.Days of the New - "The Down Town"
745.Days of the New - "Touch, Peel and Stand"
746.dc Talk - "Jesus Freak"
747.De Savoya Combo - "Jogaram O Caxangá"
748.De Staat - "The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man"
749.Dead or Alive - "You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)"
750.Death from Above 1979 - "Black History Month"
751.Death from Above 1979 - "Blood on Our Hands"
752.Death from Above 1979 - "Sexy Results"
753.Death from Above 1979 - "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine"
754.The Decemberists - "The Perfect Crime #2"
755.Deee-Lite - "Groove Is in the Heart"
756.Deep Purple - "And the Address"
757.Deep Purple - "Highball Shooter"
758.Deep Purple - "House of Pain"
759.Deep Purple - "Lay Down, Stay Down"
760.Deep Purple - "Nobody's Home"
761.Deep Purple - "Rat Bat Blue"
762.Deep Purple - "Somebody Stole My Guitar"
763.Deep Purple - "Space Truckin'"
764.Deep Purple - "The Shield"
765.Deep Purple - "You Fool No One"
766.Deerhoof - "The Perfect Me"
767.Def Leppard - "Foolin'"
768.Def Leppard - "Let It Go"
769.Def Leppard - "Love Bites"
770.Def Leppard - "Make Love Like a Man"
771.Def Leppard - "Photograph"
772.Def Leppard - "Rebel Rebel" [David Bowie]
773.Def Leppard - "Rock of Ages"
774.Deivos - "Ascendancy Through Obliteration"
775.Deivos - "Burning the Falsehood"
776.Deivos - "Failed Mutation"
777.Deivos - "Gospel of Maggots"
778.Deivos - "Infernal Cleansing"
779.Deivos - "Kept in the Dark"
780.Deivos - "Onward to Nothing"
781.Deivos - "Psychopathological Compulsion"
782.Deivos - "Trial of Bloodletting"
783.Deivos - "Wretched Idolatry"
784.Del Amitri - "Always the Last to Know"
785.The Del Fuegos - "Move With Me Sister"
786.Delta Nove - "Crosseyed & Painless" [Talking Heads]
787.Demon - "Liar"
788.Martin Denny - "Hawaii Tattoo" [The Waikikis]
789.Rick Derringer - "Uncomplicated"
790.Detroit - "Rock 'n' Roll" [The Velvet Underground]
791.Willy DeVille - "Hey Joe" [The Leaves]
792.DEVO - "(I Cån't Gèt Mé Nö) Såtisfactiön" [The Rolling Stones]
793.Barry DeVorzonand Michael Towers - "Simon & Simon Theme"
794.Neil Diamond - "Lay Lady Lay (Live)" [Bob Dylan]
795.The Diamonds - "Little Darlin'" [The Gladiolas]
796.Bruce Dickinson - "Lickin' the Gun"
797.The Dictators - "Faster and Louder"
798.The Dictators - "The Next Big Thing"
799.P. Diddy - "Show Me Your Soul"
800.Diddy – Dirty Money - "Love Come Down"
801.Dido - "One Step Too Far (Rhythms del Mundo Version)"
802.Dido - "Stoned"
803.Diemonds - "Get the Fuck Outta Here"
804.Dimebag Darrell - "Snowblind" [Ace Frehley]
805.Dire Straits - "Money for Nothing"
806.The Dirtbombs - "Do You See My Love (For You Growing)" [Junior Walker & the All-Stars]
807.The Dirtbombs - "Got to Give it Up" [Marvin Gaye]
808.The Dirtbombs - "Jump and Shout"
809.The Dirtbombs - "Little Miss Choclate Syrup"
810.The Dirtbombs - "Livin' for the City" [Stevie Wonder]
811.The Dirtbombs - "Maybe Your Baby" [Stevie Wonder]
812.The Dirtbombs - "Sherlock Holmes" [Sparks]
813.The Dirtbombs - "Sugar on Top"
814.The Dismemberment Plan - "You Are Invited"
815.Dispatch - "Not Messin'"
816.Disturbed - "Shout 2000" [Tears for Fears]
817.Divine - "Walk Like a Man"
818.Dixie Chicks - "Goodbye Earl"
819.Dixie Dregs - "Gina Lola Breakdown"
820.Dixie Dregs - "Ice Cakes"
821.Dixie Dregs - "Moe Down"
822.Dixie Dregs - "Take It off the Top"
823.DJ Gollum - "The Passenger" [Iggy Pop]
824.DJ Koze - "Homesick"
825.DJ Koze - "Mrs. Bojangles"
826.DJ Pone - "Fighting Man"
827.Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "Doomed Now"
828.Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "Let's Make Out"
829.Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "Tales of the Chameleon (Play.com Bonus Track)"
830.Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "The Monkeys Are Coming"
831.Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "We Are Rockstars"
832.Dogpound - "Bleed"
833.Dogpound - "You Remain"
834.Thomas Dolby - "She Blinded Me With Science"
835.Domination - "Drag the Waters" [Pantera]
836.The Donnas - "40 Boys in 40 Nights"
837.The Donnas - "All Messed Up"
838.The Donnas - "Don't Break Me Down"
839.The Donnas - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
840.The Donnas - "Here For the Party"
841.The Donnas - "Hook It Up"
842.The Donnas - "Hyperactive"
843.The Donnas - "It's on the Rocks"
844.The Donnas - "It's So Hard"
845.The Donnas - "Love You Till It Hurts"
846.The Donnas - "Perfect Stranger"
847.The Donnas - "Save Me"
848.The Donnas - "She's Out of Control"
849.The Donnas - "Skintight"
850.The Donnas - "Smoke You Out"
851.The Donnas - "Strutter" [KISS]
852.The Donnas - "Tonight's Alright"
853.The Donnas - "Well Done"
854.The Donnas - "What Do I Have to Do?"
855.The Donnas - "Who Invited You"
856.The Donnas - "You Wanna Get Me High"
857.Donots - "We're Not Gonna Take It" [Twisted Sister]
858.Donovan - "Riki Tiki Tavi"
859.Doves - "There Goes the Fear"
860.Down - "Rehab"
861.Dr. John - "Food for Thot"
862.Dr. Sin - "Rock 'n' Roll Doctor" [Black Sabbath]
863.Dragonette - "Fixin to Thrill"
864.Dream Theater - "Caught in a Web"
865.Dream Theater - "Strange Déjà Vu"
866.Dream Theater - "Trial of Tears: It's Raining/Deep in Heaven/The Wasteland"
867.dredg - "Del Torro"
868.dredg - "Zebraskin"
869.The Dregs - "Assembly Line"
870.The Dregs - "Bloodsucking Leeches"
871.The Dregs - "Kat Food"
872.The Drifters - "At the Club"
873.Drive-By Truckers - "Aftermath USA"
874.Drive-By Truckers - "Easy on Yourself"
875.Drive-By Truckers - "The Southern Thing"
876.Drivin' n' Cryin' - "Fly Me Courageous"
877.Pete Droge - "If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)"
878.Drunk Cowboys - "Drag the Waters" [Pantera]
879.Dry Kill Logic - "It's So Easy" [Guns N' Roses]
880.Duke Dumont - "Lean & Bounce"
881.Dungen - "Christopher"
882.Duran Duran - "Girls on Film"
883.Duran Duran - "The Reflex"
884.Duran Duran - "Union of the Snake"
885.Ian Dury & the Blockheads - "Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt. 3"
886.Dust - "All in All"
887.The Dust Brothers (The Chemical Brothers) - "Song to the Siren"
888.Bob Dylan - "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?"
889.Bob Dylan - "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking"
890.Bob Dylan - "Lay Lady Lay"
891.Dynamix II - "Straight from the Jungle"
892.Ronnie Dyson - "All Over Your Face"
893.Terence Trent d'Arby - "Sign Your Name"
894.Sheila E. - "The Glamorous Life"
895.E.U. - "Da' Butt"
896.Eagles - "Last Good Time In Town"
897.Eagles of Death Metal - "Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)"
898.Eagles of Death Metal - "English Girl"
899.Eagles of Death Metal - "How Can a Man With So Many Friends Feel So All Alone"
900.Eagles of Death Metal - "I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)"
901.Eagles of Death Metal - "I Like to Move in the Night"
902.Eagles of Death Metal - "Keep Your Head Up"
903.Eagles of Death Metal - "Kiss the Devil"
904.Eagles of Death Metal - "Solid Gold"
905.Eagles of Death Metal - "Speaking in Tongues"
906.Eagles of Death Metal - "Stacks o' Money"
907.Eagles of Death Metal - "Wastin' My Time"
908.Eagles of Death Metal - "Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)"
909.Earth, Wind & Fire - "Africano"
910.Earth, Wind & Fire - "September"
911.Earth, Wind & Fire - "Serpentine Fire"
912.Edelweiss - "Bring Me Edelweiss"
913.Editors - "All Sparks"
914.Editors - "Blood"
915.Editors - "Fingers in the Factories"
916.Dave Edmunds - "Girls Talk" [Elvis Costello & The Attractions]
917.Edwin - "Trippin'"
918.The Egyptian Lover - "Freak-A-Holic"
919.Eighteen Visions - "Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em, Sixty-Nine 'Em"
920.Electic Light Orchestra - "Do Ya" [The Move]
921.Electic Light Orchestra - "Evil Woman"
922.Electic Light Orchestra - "Jungle"
923.Electic Light Orchestra - "Livin' Thing"
924.Electic Light Orchestra - "Night in the City"
925.Electic Light Orchestra - "Rock 'n' Roll Is King"
926.The Electric Hellfire Club - "Calling Dr. Love" [KISS]
927.The Electric Prunes - "Wind-Up Toys"
928.Electric Six - "Bite Me"
929.Electric Six - "Body Shot"
930.Electric Six - "Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom"
931.Electric Six - "Fabulous People"
932.Electric Six - "Gay Bar"
933.Electric Six - "Heavy Woman"
934.Electric Six - "Kukuxumushu"
935.Electric Six - "Rock Show" [Peaches]
936.Electric Six - "Rubbin' Me the Wrong Way"
937.Electric Six - "Sexy Trash"
938.Electric Six - "The Newark Airport Boogie"
939.Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott - "We Did It"
940.Joe Ely - "Everybody Got Hammered"
941.Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Tarkus"
942.Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "The Sheriff"
943.Emerson, Lake & Palmer - "Trilogy"
944.EMF - "Unbelievable"
945.Eminem - "Berzerk"
946.Eminem - "Cum on Everybody"
947.En Vogue - "Free Your Mind"
948.Torben Enevoldsen - "Go Figure"
949.Torben Enevoldsen - "Just in Case"
950.Torben Enevoldsen - "Odd Measures"
951.Ty England - "The Blues Ain't News to Me"
952.Jesus Enriquez - "With a Little Help From My Friends (La Ayuda de la Amistad)" [The Beatles]
953.Entombed - "Something Out of Nothing"
954.Entombed - "Wound"
955.Ervinna (爱慧娜) - "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" [The Isley Brothers]
956.The Escape Club - "Wild, Wild West"
957.Escort - "Caméleon Chameleon"
958.ESG - "My Love for You"
959.Esquivel and His Orchestra - "All of Me" [Ruth Etting]
960.Esquivel and His Orchestra - "Cherokee" [Clifford Brown]
961.Gloria Estefan - "I Can't Believe"
962.Gloria Estefan - "Let's Get Loud"
963.Gloria Estefan - "Make Me Say Yes"
964.Gloria Estefan - "Miss Little Havana"
965.Gloria Estefan - "On"
966.Gloria Estefan - "Say Ay"
967.Gloria Estefan - "Wepa"
968.Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"
969.Sara Evans - "Perfect"
970.Everclear - "Hater"
971.Everclear - "One Hit Wonder"
972.The Everly Brothers - "Muskrat"
973.Every Avenue - "Trading Heartbeats"
974.Every Time I Die - "I Been Gone a Long Time"
975.Every Time I Die - "The New Black"
976.Every Time I Die - "Tusk and Temper"
977.Every Time I Die - "We'rewolf"
978.Everything - "Good Thing (St. Luicia)"
979.Everything - "Super Natural"
980.Everything But the Girl - "Corcovado (Knee Deep Classic Club Mix)"
981.Everything But the Girl - "Driving"
982.Everything But the Girl - "Each and Every One"
983.Everything But the Girl - "Goodbye Sunday"
984.Everything But the Girl - "Gun Cupboard Love"
985.Everything But the Girl - "I Always Was Your Girl"
986.Everything But the Girl - "Imagining America"
987.Everything But the Girl - "Missing"
988.Everything But the Girl - "Rollercoaster"
989.Everything But the Girl - "Talk to Me Like the Sea"
990.Everything But the Girl - "Temperamental (Ananda Project Remix)"
991.Evil Cowards - "Soldiers of Satan"
992.Evil Cowards - "Theme From Evil Cowards"
993.Evil Nine - "Crooked"
994.Evil Nine - "Earth"
995.Evil Nine - "Feed on You"
996.Evil Nine - "We Have the Energy"
997.Exodus - "Low Rider" [WAR]
998.Exodus - "Pleasures of the Flesh"
999.Exodus - "Throwing Down"
1000.Extreme - "Big Boys Don't Cry"
1001.Extreme - "Flesh 'N' Blood"
1002.Extreme - "Kid Ego"
1003.Extreme - "Little Girls"
1004.Extreme - "Peacemaker Die"
1005.Extreme - "Smoke Signals"
1006.Extreme - "Strutter" [KISS]
1007.Extreme - "Teacher's Pet"
1008.Extreme - "Wind Me Up"
1009.The F.U.'s - "[We're an] American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
1010.Donald Fagen - "New Frontier"
1011.The Faint - "Your Retro Career Melted (Ursula 1000 Urgent/Nervous Mix)"
1012.Fairport Convention - "Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunters' Jig / Toss the Feathers" [Traditional]
1013.Andy Fairweather Low - "I Ain't No Mountain"
1014.Faith No More - "Ugly in the Morning"
1015.Faithless - "Killer's Lullaby (Nightmare on Wax Remix)"
1016.Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
1017.Fake Problems - "The Dream Team"
1018.The Fall - "City Hobgoblins"
1019.The Fall - "Telephone Thing"
1020.Fantasia - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)" [The Eleventh Hour]
1021.Farewell to Freeway - "Afterlife Lottery"
1022.Dionne Farris - "I Know"
1023.The Fatback Band - "Backstrokin'"
1024.Fatboy Slim - "Don't Let the Man Get You Down"
1025.Fatboy Slim - "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba" [Olatunji!]
1026.Fatboy Slim - "Mad Flava"
1027.Fatboy Slim - "Slash Dot Dash"
1028.Fatboy Slim - "Song for Chesh"
1029.Fatboy Slim - "The Joker" [Steve Miller Band]
1030.Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice"
1031.The Feeling - "Love It When You Call"
1032.Don Felder - "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)"
1033.The Fenders - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" [Bachman-Turner Overdrive]
1034.Fenix TX - "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" [Billy Ocean]
1035.Jay Ferguson - "Thunder Island (Bootleg)"
1036.Bryan Ferry - "Slave to Love"
1037.The Fever - "Gypsy Cab / Down on Dog Street"
1038.Fingazz - "Low Rider" [WAR]
1039.Fire Engines - "Get Up and Use Me"
1040.Fireball Ministry - "Daughter of the Damned"
1041.Fireball Ministry - "End of Story"
1042.Fireball Ministry - "Flatline"
1043.Fireball Ministry - "He Who Kills"
1044.Fireball Ministry - "Maidens of Venus"
1045.Fireball Ministry - "The Sinner"
1046.Fireball Ministry - "Two Tears"
1047.Fireballs of Freedom - "Sweat Vest"
1048.Firebird - "Good Times"
1049.FireHouse - "Reach for the Sky"
1050.FireHouse - "Shake & Tumble"
1051.Five Horse Johnson - "Never in My Life" [Mountain]
1052.Five Horse Johnson - "The Ballad of Sister Ruth"
1053.Five Man Electrical Band - "Absolutely Right"
1054.Roberta Flack - "I'm the One"
1055.The Flaming Lips - "Smoke on the Water" [Deep Purple]
1056.Fleetwood Mac - "Born Enchanter"
1057.Fleetwood Mac - "Gold Dust Woman"
1058.Fleetwood Mac - "Hold Me"
1059.Fleetwood Mac - "Homeward Bound"
1060.Fleetwood Mac - "Oh Well"
1061.Fleetwood Mac - "Tell Me All the Things You Do"
1062.Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"
1063.The Flirts - "Calling All Boys"
1064.Eddie Floyd - "Soul Street"
1065.The Flying Burrito Brothers - "White Line Fever" [Merle Haggard]
1066.Flying Lotus - "Parisian Goldfish"
1067.Dan Fogelberg - "The Language of Love"
1068.John Fogerty - "Bad Bad Boy"
1069.John Fogerty - "Longshot"
1070.Foghat - "Rock and Roll Outlaw"
1071.Ben Folds Five - "Kate"
1072.Ben Folds Five - "Mess"
1073.Foo Fighters - "Born on the Bayou (Live)" [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
1074.Foo Fighters - "Rope"
1075.Foo Fighters - "See You (Live)"
1076.The Forbidden Dimension - "Where's My Wolves?"
1077.Fort Minor - "Believe Me"
1078.Four Tet - "A Joy"
1079.The Four Tops - "Still Water (Love)"
1080.Jeff Foxworthy - "Totally Committed"
1081.Roddy Frame - "Reason for Living"
1082.Aretha Franklin - "Rock Steady"
1083.Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation - "Stomp"
1084.Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Hey Now Now"
1085.Freak Power - "Turn on, Tune in, Cop Out"
1086.Free Energy - "Backscratcher"
1087.Free Energy - "Dark Trance"
1088.Free Energy - "Electric Fever"
1089.Free Energy - "Free Energy"
1090.Coco Freeman - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" [U2]
1091.Coco Freeman - "The Dark of the Matinee (Spanish Version)" [Franz Ferdinand]
1092.Ace Frehley - "Hide Your Heart"
1093.Ace Frehley - "Snow Blind"
1094.Ace Frehley - "Speedin' Back To My Baby"
1095.Ace Frehley - "Trouble Walkin'"
1096.Freudiana - "The Nirvana Principle"
1097.Friends - "I'm His Girl"
1098.The Front Bottoms - "Father"
1099.Front End Loader - "All Star Jam"
1100.Fu Manchu - "Ampn'"
1101.Fu Manchu - "Blue Tile Fever"
1102.Fu Manchu - "Boogie Van"
1103.Fu Manchu - "Bultaco"
1104.Fu Manchu - "Cyclone Launch"
1105.Fu Manchu - "Didn't Really Try"
1106.Fu Manchu - "Don't Bother Knockin'"
1107.Fu Manchu - "Drive"
1108.Fu Manchu - "Freedom of Choice" [Devo]
1109.Fu Manchu - "Gathering Speed"
1110.Fu Manchu - "I Wanna Be"
1111.Fu Manchu - "Mega-Bumpers"
1112.Fu Manchu - "Module Overload"
1113.Fu Manchu - "Mongoose"
1114.Fu Manchu - "Radio Source Sagittarius"
1115.Fu Manchu - "Separate Kingdom"
1116.Fu Manchu - "Shine It On"
1117.Fu Manchu - "Signs of Infinite Power"
1118.Fu Manchu - "Solid Hex"
1119.Fu Manchu - "Space Sucker"
1120.Fu Manchu - "Time to Fly"
1121.Fu Manchu - "Trapeze Freak"
1122.Fu Manchu - "Understand"
1123.Fu Manchu - "Unknown World"
1124.Fu Manchu - "Urethane"
1125.Fu Manchu - "When the Shit Hits the Fan" [Circle Jerks]
1126.Fu Manchu - "Wurkin'"
1127.Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Couldn't Get It Right" [Climax Blues Band]
1128.Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Korean Bodega"
1129.Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Loco"
1130.Fun Lovin' Criminals - "My Sin"
1131.Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Southside"
1132.fun. - "Out on the Town"
1133.Funeral Party - "New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A."
1134.Funkadelic - "Better by the Pound"
1135.Funkadelic - "Funk Gets Stronger (Part 1)"
1136.Funkadelic - "One Nation Under a Groove"
1137.Funkadelic - "Super Stupid"
1138.Funkadelic - "Wars of Armageddon"
1139.Peter Gabriel - "And Through the Wire"
1140.Peter Gabriel - "Family Snapshot"
1141.Peter Gabriel - "Games Without Frontiers"
1142.Peter Gabriel - "The Family and the Fishing Net"
1143.Gallery - "I Believe in Music"
1144.Gamma - "Fight to the Finish"
1145.The Gap Band - "Party Train"
1146.The Gap Band - "Steppin' (Out)"
1147.Leif Garrett - "Love Is the Drug" [Roxy Music]
1148.Gatsbys American Dream - "A Mind of Metal and Wheels"
1149.Marvin Gaye - "After the Dance"
1150.Marvin Gaye - "Got to Give it Up (Live)"
1151.Marvin Gaye - "Heavy Love Affair"
1152.Marvin Gaye - "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"
1153.Marvin Gaye - "Stubborn Kind of Fellow"
1154.The J. Geils Band - "(Ain't Nothin' but a) House Party" [The Showstoppers]
1155.The J. Geils Band - "Give it to Me"
1156.The J. Geils Band - "Love-Itis"
1157.Genesis - "Dodo / Lurker"
1158.Gentle Giant - "The House, the Street, the Room"
1159.Billy Gibbons & Co. - "Oh Well" [Fleetwood Mac]
1160.Paul Gilbert - "Norwegian Cowbell"
1161.Dizzy Gillespie and His Orchestra - "Manteca"
1162.Glass Prism - "A Dream"
1163.Glassjaw - "Majour"
1164.Glee Cast - "Sweet Transvestite" [Tim Curry]
1165.Glen Check (글렌체크) - "French Virgin Party"
1166.Go West - "King of Wishful Thinking"
1167.Goatsnake - "Hot Rod" [Black Oak Arkansas]
1168.Goatsnake - "Slippin the Stealth"
1169.Goatsnake - "What Love Remains"
1170.Godsmack - "Good Times, Bad Times" [Led Zeppelin]
1171.Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Mladic"
1172.God's Acre - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
1173.Andrew Gold - "Lonely Boy"
1174.Golden Teacher - "Rashomon (Live)"
1175.Goldfrapp - "Human"
1176.Goldfrapp - "Slide In (DFA Remix)"
1177.Gomez - "Airstream Driver"
1178.Selena Gomez & The Scene - "Falling Down"
1179.Chilly Gonzales - "You Can Dance (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)"
1180.Matthew Good Band - "Hello Time Bomb"
1181.Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - "Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)" [Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang]
1182.Goose - "Synrise (Soulwax Remix)"
1183.Gorillaz - "DARE (DFA Remix)"
1184.Gossip - "Listen Up!"
1185.Gossip - "Men in Love"
1186.Gotye - "Somebody I Used to Know"
1187.Gov't Mule - "30 Days in the Hole (Live)" [Humble Pie]
1188.Gov't Mule - "Bad Little Doggie"
1189.Gov't Mule - "Bad Man Walking"
1190.Gov't Mule - "Brand New Angel"
1191.Gov't Mule - "Game Face"
1192.Gov't Mule - "Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 1)"
1193.Gov't Mule - "Mississippi Queen (Bootleg)" [Mountain]
1194.Gov't Mule - "No Need to Suffer"
1195.Gov't Mule - "Perfect Shelter"
1196.Gov't Mule - "Steppin' Lightly"
1197.Gov't Mule - "Thorazine Shuffle"
1198.Kat Graham - "Put Your Graffiti on Me"
1199.Lou Gramm - "Arrow Thru Your Heart"
1200.Grand Funk Railroad - "Genevieve"
1201.Grand Funk Railroad - "I'm So True"
1202.Grand Funk Railroad - "Rock & Roll Soul"
1203.Grand Funk Railroad - "T.N.U.C. (Live)"
1204.Grand Funk Railroad - "We're an American Band"
1205.Grand National - "Cut by the Brakes"
1206.Grand National - "New Space to Throw"
1207.Grandpa Jones - "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean (Live)" [Traditional]
1208.Granicus - "Cleveland Ohio"
1209.Granicus - "You're in America"
1210.Grateful Dead - "Alligator"
1211.Grateful Dead - "Cumberland Blues (Live)"
1212.Grateful Dead - "Dupree's Diamond Blues"
1213.Grateful Dead - "Eyes of the World"
1214.Grateful Dead - "Good Lovin'" [The Olympics]
1215.Grateful Dead - "Hell in a Bucket"
1216.Grateful Dead - "Help on the Way / Slipknot!"
1217.Grateful Dead - "Just a Little Light"
1218.Grateful Dead - "King Solomon's Marbles"
1219.Grateful Dead - "Mason's Children (Live)"
1220.Grateful Dead - "My Brother Esau (Live)"
1221.Grateful Dead - "Picasso Moon"
1222.Grateful Dead - "Promised Land (Live)" [Chuck Berry]
1223.Grateful Dead - "Rhythm Devils (Live)"
1224.Grateful Dead - "Scarlet Begonias"
1225.Grateful Dead - "St. Stephen (Live)"
1226.Grateful Dead - "Supplication (Live)"
1227.Grateful Dead - "The Eleven Jam (Live in San Mateo, CA 1968)"
1228.Grateful Dead - "Throwing Stones"
1229.Grateful Dead - "Till the Morning Comes"
1230.Grateful Dead - "Touch of Grey"
1231.Grateful Dead - "Turn on Your Love Light (Live)" [Bobby Bland]
1232.Grateful Dead - "Victim or the Crime"
1233.Grateful Dead - "West L.A. Fadeaway"
1234.Gravy Train - "Can Anybody Hear Me"
1235.Macy Gray - "Walk This Way" [Aerosmith]
1236.Tamyra Gray - "Star"
1237.Great White - "Lady Love" [Robin Trower]
1238.Green Day - "East Jesus Nowhere (Bootleg)"
1239.Green Velvet - "Sleepwalking"
1240.Jonny Greenwood - "Convergence"
1241.Julie Griffen - "¡Arriba, Arriba!"
1242.Julie Griffen - "¡Fiesta!"
1243.Grim Reaper - "Fear No Evil"
1244.Grim Reaper - "Lay It on the Line"
1245.Grim Reaper - "Never Coming Back"
1246.Grinderman - "Love Bomb"
1247.The Grits - "Jan Jan"
1248.Groove Armada - "I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix)"
1249.Groove Armada - "Purple Haze"
1250.The Guess Who - "Proper Stranger"
1251.The Guess Who - "When Friends Fall Out"
1252.Guided by Voices - "Excellent Things"
1253.Guided by Voices - "Know Me as Heavy"
1254.Guided by Voices - "Rhine Jive Click"
1255.Guns N' Roses - "Bad Obsession"
1256.Guns N' Roses - "Hair of the Dog" [Nazareth]
1257.Guns N' Roses - "It's So Easy"
1258.Guns N' Roses - "Mr. Brownstone"
1259.Guns N' Roses - "My Michelle"
1260.Guns N' Roses - "Nightrain"
1261.Guns N' Roses - "One in a Million"
1262.Guns N' Roses - "Out Ta Get Me"
1263.Guns N' Roses - "Pretty Tied Up (The Perils Of Rock N' Roll Decadence)"
1264.Guns N' Roses - "Sweet Child O' Mine"
1265.Guns N' Roses - "Think About You"
1266.Guns N' Roses - "Welcome to the Jungle"
1267.GusGus - "Believe"
1268.GWAR - "Gor-Gor"
1269.GWAR - "Rock & Roll Never Felt So Good"
1270.Sivert Høyem & the Volunteers - "Exiles"
1271.H-Blockx - "Move"
1272.H. P. Lovecraft - "Wayfaring Stranger"
1273.Habstrakt - "Tension"
1274.Haim - "Don't Save Me"
1275.Halestorm - "It's Not You"
1276.Halestorm - "Out Ta Get Me" [Guns N' Roses]
1277.Bill Haley & His Comets - "Fractured"
1278.Bill Haley & His Comets - "What'cha Gonna Do?"
1279.Halifax - "Anthem for Tonight"
1280.Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit - "Compared to What (Live)" [Les McCann]
1281.Hanson - "MMMBop"
1282.Hanson - "Thinkin' 'Bout Somethin'"
1283.Hanson - "You Never Know"
1284.Hard-Fi - "Better Do Better"
1285.Hard-Fi - "I Close My Eyes"
1286.Ben Harper - "How Many Miles Must We March"
1287.Slim Harpo - "Baby Scratch My Back"
1288.George Harrison - "It's What You Value"
1289.Beth Hart - "I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)" [Ray Charles]
1290.Mickey Hart - "Brainstorm"
1291.Mickey Hart - "Cougar Run"
1292.Mickey Hart - "Fast Sailing"
1293.Mickey Hart - "Light Over Shadow"
1294.Mickey Hart - "Lonesome Hero"
1295.Mickey Hart - "Udu Chant"
1296.Mickey Hart - "Where Love Goes (Sito)"
1297.Mickey Hart & Planet Drum - "Secret Meeting Place"
1298.Mickey Hart & Planet Drum - "Umasha"
1299.Mickey Hart & Planet Drum - "Yabu"
1300.Juliana Hatfield - "Everybody Loves Me but You"
1301.Donny Hathaway - "The Ghetto"
1302.Helena Hauff - "Actio Reactio"
1303.Dale Hawkins - "Suzie Q"
1304.Hawthorne Heights - "Silver Bullet"
1305.Isaac Hayes - "Hung Up on My Baby"
1306.Isaac Hayes - "Truck Turner"
1307.Head Automatica - "Beating Heart Baby"
1308.Head Automatica - "Lying Through Your Teeth"
1309.Head East - "Never Been Any Reason"
1310.Head Hands & Feet - "Warming Up the Band"
1311.Heart - "White Lightning & Wine"
1312.Ted Heath and His Music - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
1313.Heaven 17 - "Penthouse and Pavement"
1314.Heavenly - "Skipjack"
1315.Heavens Edge - "Play Dirty"
1316.Paquito Hechevarría - "Just the Two of Us" [Grover Washinton]
1317.Hellmenn - "Deuce" [KISS]
1318.Hello=Fire - "She Gets Remote"
1319.Hello=Fire - "She's Mine in Sorrow"
1320.Hellogoodbye - "Call and Return (Say That You're into Me)"
1321.Hellyeah - "Pole Rider"
1322.Jimi Hendrix - "Dolly Dagger"
1323.Jimi Hendrix - "Ezy Rider"
1324.Jimi Hendrix - "Room Full of Mirrors (Live)"
1325.Hendrix Band of Gypsys - "Izabella"
1326.The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Stone Free"
1327.The Hentchmen - "Polish Lady"
1328.Hercules and Love Affair - "Falling"
1329.Hercules and Love Affair - "This Is My Love"
1330.Hercules and Love Affair - "You Belong"
1331.Woody Herman - "Mambo Herd"
1332.Woody Herman - "New Cha Cha"
1333.Woody Herman - "Tito Meets Woody"
1334.Taylor Hicks - "Compared to What (Bootleg)" [Les McCann]
1335.The High Strung - "The Luck You Got"
1336.Warren Hill - "Low Rider" [WAR]
1337.Hint - "I, Silverfish"
1338.The Hippos - "Wasting My Life"
1339.The Hives - "1000 Answers"
1340.The Hives - "Hell No!"
1341.The Hives - "Hey Little World"
1342.The Hives - "Square One Here I Come"
1343.The Hives - "Wait a Minute"
1344.Eddie Hodges - "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" [The Isley Brothers]
1345.The Hold Steady - "Charlemagne in Sweatpants"
1346.Hole - "Dying"
1347.The Hollies - "Another Night"
1348.The Hollies - "Do the Best You Can"
1349.The Hollies - "Jennifer Eccles"
1350.The Hollywood Stars - "Sunrise on Sunset"
1351.Holy Fuck - "SHT MTN"
1352.Holy Ghost! - "Dumb Disco Ideas"
1353.Horisont - "Just Ain't Right"
1354.Hot Chip - "Over and Over"
1355.Hot Hot Heat - "Conversation"
1356.Hot Hot Heat - "Give Up?"
1357.Hot Hot Heat - "Haircut Economics"
1358.Hot Hot Heat - "Have a Good Sleep"
1359.Hot Hot Heat - "Jedidiah"
1360.Hot Hot Heat - "Matador at the Door"
1361.Hot Hot Heat - "Talk to Me, Dance With Me"
1362.Hot Leg - "Ashamed"
1363.Hot Leg - "Cocktails"
1364.The Hotrats - "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" [Beastie Boys]
1365.The Hotrats - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
1366.The Hotrats - "Love Is the Drug" [Roxy Music]
1367.The Hotrats - "Pump It Up" [Elvis Costello & The Attractions]
1368.The Hotrats - "Queen Bitch" [David Bowie]
1369.The Hotrats - "West End Girls" [Pet Shop Boys]
1370.Hullabaloo - "Dr. Love" [KISS]
1371.The Human Beinz - "Turn on Your Love Light (Live)" [Bobby Bland]
1372.Humangled - "From Empty Sockets"
1373.Humble Pie - "30 Days in the Hole"
1374.Humble Pie - "C'mon Everybody" [Eddie Cochran]
1375.Humble Pie - "Hot 'n' Nasty"
1376.Humble Pie - "I Don't Need No Doctor (Live)" [Ray Charles]
1377.Humble Pie - "Road Runner / Road Runner's 'G' Jam"
1378.Humble Pie - "The Fixer"
1379.Brian Hyland - "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
1380.I Am Kloot - "3 Feet Tall"
1381.Icecross - "Wandering Around"
1382.Ignite - "Pay To Cum" [Bad Brains]
1383.Ignition - "Love Is War (Chicken Lips Remix)"
1384.Ill Niño - "In This Moment"
1385.Imagination Movers - "Boing Cluck Cluck"
1386.Imagination Movers - "Buckets and Cans"
1387.Imagination Movers - "L.O.S.T."
1388.Imagination Movers - "Please and Thank You"
1389.Imagination Movers - "Recipe (Stir It Up)"
1390.Imagination Movers - "Sleeping Bag"
1391.Imagination Movers - "The Boom Boom Song"
1392.Tsuneo Imahori (今堀恒雄) - "Knives"
1393.The Imperials - "Sail On"
1394.In Flagranti - "Business Acumen"
1395.Injected - "Sherman"
1396.Invasion - "Spells of Deception"
1397.INXS - "Elegantly Wasted"
1398.INXS - "Need You Tonight"
1399.INXS - "Wild Life"
1400.Irish Coffee - "The Show, Pt. 1"
1401.Iron Butterfly - "Possession"
1402.Iron Maiden - "Can I Play with Madness"
1403.Iron Maiden - "Hooks in You"
1404.The Isley Brothers - "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door"
1405.Takeshi Itoh (伊東たけし) - "Cowbell"
1406.I, Napoleon - "Whipped Silly"
1407.J.J. Fad - "Supersonic"
1408.Alan Jackson - "Gone Country"
1409.Janet Jackson - "Black Cat"
1410.Janet Jackson - "What Have You Done for Me Lately"
1411.Joe Jackson - "Cha Cha Loco"
1412.Joe Jackson - "Right and Wrong"
1413.Michael Jackson - "2 Bad"
1414.Michael Jackson - "Baby Be Mine"
1415.Michael Jackson - "Black or White"
1416.Michael Jackson - "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"
1417.Michael Jackson - "Don't Walk Away"
1418.Michael Jackson - "Keep the Faith"
1419.Michael Jackson - "Man in the Mirror"
1420.Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
1421.Michael Jackson - "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
1422.Michael Jackson - "Working Day and Night"
1423.Jackyl - "Dirty Little Mind"
1424.Jackyl - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
1425.Jackyl - "When Will It Rain"
1426.The Jaggerz - "The Rapper"
1427.The Jam - "'A' Bomb in Wardour Street"
1428.The Jam - "Move on Up" [Curtis Mayfield]
1429.James - "How Was It for You?"
1430.James - "Hymn from a Village"
1431.James - "You Can't Tell How Much Suffering (On a Face That's Always Smiling)"
1432.Bob James - "Take Me to the Mardi Gras"
1433.Bob James - "The Ghetto" [Donny Hathaway]
1434.Elmore James - "No Love in My Heart"
1435.Rick James - "Superfreak (Roca Sound Remix)"
1436.James Gang - "Funk #49"
1437.Reid Jamieson - "Good Times, Bad Times (Bootleg)" [Led Zeppelin]
1438.Jamiroquai - "Corner of the Earth"
1439.Jamiroquai - "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
1440.Chaz Jankel - "Ai No Corrida"
1441.Al Jarreau - "Compared to What" [Les McCann]
1442.Jay-Z - "99 Problems"
1443.Jefferson Airplane - "Come Back Baby" [Traditional]
1444.Jefferson Starship - "Cruisin'"
1445.Jefferson Starship - "Jane"
1446.Jet - "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"
1447.Jethro Tull - "Black Satin Dancer"
1448.Jethro Tull - "Cross-eyed Mary"
1449.Jethro Tull - "Minstrel in the Gallery"
1450.Jethro Tull - "Sweet Dream"
1451.Joan Jett - "We're Not Gonna Take It" [Twisted Sister]
1452.JFA - "Low Rider" [WAR]
1453.Carol Jiani - "Hit'n Run Lover"
1454.Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle"
1455.JoBoxers - "Just Got Lucky"
1456.Billy Joel - "We Didn't Start the Fire"
1457.The Joggers - "Oriental Alarms"
1458.Elton John - "Ballad of a Well-Known Gun"
1459.Elton John - "Just Like Noah's Ark"
1460.Elton John - "Madman Across the Water"
1461.Elton John - "Sick City"
1462.John 5 - "Welcome to the Jungle" [Guns N' Roses]
1463.Jack Johnson - "Mudfootball (For Moe Lerner)"
1464.Jesse Johnson's Revue - "Free World"
1465.Jonas Brothers - "Drive My Car (Bootleg)" [The Beatles]
1466.Edgar "Jones" Jones - "Necessary Evil"
1467.Oran "Juice" Jones - "The Rain"
1468.Quincy Jones - "Sanford & Son Theme (The Streetbeater)"
1469.Quincy Jones - "Ai No Corrida" [Chaz Jankel]
1470.Tom Jones - "She's a Lady"
1471.Tom Jones - "You're So Shy" [The Pointer Sisters]
1472.Spike Jones and His City Slickers - "Chloe" [Neil Moret & Gus Kahn]
1473.Spike Jones and His City Slickers - "Holiday for Strings" [David Rose]
1474.Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - "Nobody's Baby"
1475.Joy Orbison - "Wade In"
1476.The Juan MacLean - "Happy House"
1477.Cledus T. Judd - "How Do You Milk a Cow" [Toby Keith]
1478.Junior Senior - "Boy Meets Girl"
1479.Junior Senior - "Shake Your Coconuts"
1480.The Junkyard Band - "Sardines"
1481.Just Jack - "Lovefool" [The Cardigans]
1482.Kaada - "Mainframe"
1483.Kadavar - "Abra Kadabra"
1484.Kaiser Chiefs - "Addicted to Drugs"
1485.Kaiser Chiefs - "Always Happens Like That"
1486.Kaiser Chiefs - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" [Gladys Knight & the Pips]
1487.Kaiser Chiefs - "Modern Way"
1488.Kaiser Chiefs - "Spanish Metal"
1489.Kaiser Chiefs - "Time Honoured Tradition"
1490.Kaos - "Now and Forever"
1491.KC & The Sunshine Band - "Get Down Tonight"
1492.KC & The Sunshine Band - "Sound Your Funky Horn"
1493.Ke$ha - "D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R."
1494.Keane - "Again and Again"
1495.Keb' Mo' - "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" [Brinsley Schwarz]
1496.Keb' Mo' - "Don't You Know"
1497.Keb' Mo' - "Everybody Be Yo'self" [Chic Street Man]
1498.Keb' Mo' - "Get Together" [The Kingston Trio]
1499.Keb' Mo' - "Love Train" [The O'Jays]
1500.Keb' Mo' - "Muddy Water"
1501.Keb' Mo' - "The Itch"
1502.Keb' Mo' - "The Old Me Better"
1503.Keb' Mo' - "What's Happening Brother" [Marvin Gaye]
1504.Keb' Mo' - "Your Love"
1505.Kelis - "Flashback"
1506.Herman Kelly & Life - "Dance to the Drummer's Beat"
1507.Kenna - "Out of Control (State of Emotion) (SpankRock's Free Donuts & Shell Fish Remix) (XXXChange w/Ronnie Darko)"
1508.Alicia Keys - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)" [The Eleventh Hour]
1509.Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody (LP Remix Version by Frankie Knuckles)"
1510.Khia - "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)"
1511.The Killers - "Joy Ride"
1512.The Kills - "Sour Cherry"
1513.Killswitch Engage - "Unbroken"
1514.Kimono Draggin' - "Black Eyed Susan"
1515.Kimono Draggin' - "Zombie Woman"
1516.King Crimson - "We'll Let You Know"
1517.King Curtis - "Whole Lotta Love (Live)" [Led Zeppelin]
1518.The King Khan & BBQ Show - "Spin the Bottle"
1519.King Louie One Man Band - "Cowbell Rock"
1520.Kings of Leon - "California Waiting"
1521.Kings of Leon - "I Want You"
1522.Kings of Leon - "My Party"
1523.Kings of Leon - "Pony Up"
1524.Kings of Leon - "Radioactive"
1525.Kings of Leon - "Red Morning Light"
1526.King's X - "Fall On Me"
1527.Sam Kinison - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
1528.The Kinks - "This Man He Weeps Tonight"
1529.KISS - "All for the Love of Rock & Roll"
1530.KISS - "All the Way"
1531.KISS - "Black Diamond"
1532.KISS - "Calling Dr. Love"
1533.KISS - "Charisma"
1534.KISS - "Christine Sixteen"
1535.KISS - "Dark Light"
1536.KISS - "Deuce"
1537.KISS - "Eat Your Heart Out"
1538.KISS - "Firehouse"
1539.KISS - "Getaway"
1540.KISS - "Got to Choose"
1541.KISS - "Hot and Cold"
1542.KISS - "Hotter Than Hell"
1543.KISS - "Ladies Room"
1544.KISS - "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
1545.KISS - "Let's Put the X in Sex"
1546.KISS - "Long Way Down"
1547.KISS - "Love Her All I Can"
1548.KISS - "Love Theme from KISS"
1549.KISS - "Mainline"
1550.KISS - "Nothin' to Lose"
1551.KISS - "Outta This World"
1552.KISS - "Read My Body"
1553.KISS - "Save Your Love"
1554.KISS - "She"
1555.KISS - "Shock Me"
1556.KISS - "Strange Ways"
1557.KISS - "The Devil Is Me"
1558.KISS - "The Oath"
1559.KISS - "Two Timer"
1560.KISS - "Watchin' You"
1561.KISS - "When Lightning Strikes"
1562.Kix - "Get It While It's Hot"
1563.Kix - "Girl Money"
1564.The Knack - "Siamese Twins (The Monkey and Me)"
1565.The Knife - "Afraid of You"
1566.The Knife - "Hannah's Conscious"
1567.The Knife - "Heartbeats"
1568.The Knife - "I Live in a Tree"
1569.Jean Knight - "Do Me"
1570.Kon Kan - "I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden)"
1571.The Kooks - "All That She Wants" [Ace of Base]
1572.The Kooks - "Do You Wanna"
1573.Kool & the Gang - "99.44/100%"
1574.Kool & the Gang - "Jitterbugs"
1575.Kool & the Gang - "Kind of Funky"
1576.KoRn - "Good God (Dub Pistols Mix)"
1577.KoRn - "Lowrider" [WAR]
1578.Krokus - "Our Love"
1579.Krokus - "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" [Bachman-Turner Overdrive]
1580.Smokin' Joe Kubek - "Out of Body, Out of Mind"
1581.Lääz Rockit - "I've Got Time"
1582.Kalle Löfström - "Mr. Brownstone" [Guns N' Roses]
1583.L.A. Guns - "Sleazy Come Easy Go"
1584.Labelle - "Lady Marmalade" [The Eleventh Hour]
1585.Lady Gaga - "Summerboy"
1586.Lady L. - "Ice Cream Dreams"
1587.The Lady Tigra - "Bass on the Bottom"
1588.Ladytron - "Playgirl"
1589.Adam Lambert - "Kickin' In"
1590.Lard - "70's Rock Must Die"
1591.Larrikin Love - "Downing Street Kindling"
1592.Larrikin Love - "On Sussex Downs"
1593.James Last - "Sweet City Woman" [Stampeders]
1594.LCD Soundsystem - "45:33"
1595.LCD Soundsystem - "Beat Connection"
1596.LCD Soundsystem - "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House"
1597.LCD Soundsystem - "Dance Yrself Clean"
1598.LCD Soundsystem - "Disco Infiltrator"
1599.LCD Soundsystem - "Freak Out / Starry Eyes"
1600.LCD Soundsystem - "Hippie Priest Bum-Out"
1601.LCD Soundsystem - "Home"
1602.LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change"
1603.LCD Soundsystem - "Jump Into the Fire (Radio One Live Session)" [Harry Nilsson]
1604.LCD Soundsystem - "Pow Pow"
1605.LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver"
1606.LCD Soundsystem - "Thrills (XFM Session)"
1607.LCD Soundsystem - "Time to Get Away"
1608.LCD Soundsystem - "Too Much Love"
1609.LCD Soundsystem - "Us v Them"
1610.LCD Soundsystem - "Yeah (Pretentious Version)"
1611.LCD Soundsystem - "Yr City's a Sucker (Full Version)"
1612.Le Tigre - "Tell You Now"
1613.Leaf Hound - "Freelance Fiend"
1614.Led Zeppelin - "Bring it On Home" [Sonny Boy Williamson]
1615.Led Zeppelin - "Fool in the Rain"
1616.Led Zeppelin - "Good Times Bad Times"
1617.Led Zeppelin - "Houses of the Holy"
1618.Led Zeppelin - "Moby Dick"
1619.Jake E. Lee - "Whiskey Train" [Procol Harum]
1620.Albert Lee and Hogan's Heroes - "Every Time I Roll the Dice (Live)" [Delbert McClinton]
1621.Lemon D - "B Boyz Revenge"
1622.LEN - "Steal My Sunshine" [The Andrea True Connection]
1623.John Lennon - "Nobody Told Me"
1624.John Lennon - "Sweet Little Sixteen" [Chuck Berry]
1625.Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - "Hearts of Oak"
1626.Les Georges Leningrad - "Sponsorships"
1627.Joe Lesté - "Houses of the Holy" [Led Zeppelin]
1628.Jenny Lewis - "Handle with Care" [The Traveling Wilburys]
1629.Leona Lewis - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)" [The Eleventh Hour]
1630.Huey Lewis & the News - "Heart and Soul"
1631.Lez Zeppelin - "Good Times Bad Times" [Led Zeppelin]
1632.Lykke Li - "Dance, Dance, Dance"
1633.Lykke Li - "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
1634.Lykke Li - "Let It Fall"
1635.Lykke Li - "Little Bit"
1636.Liars - "Mr. Your on Fire Mr."
1637.Liars - "They Don't Want Your Corn, They Want Your Kids"
1638.Liberator - "Mr. Wright"
1639.The Libertines - "Can't Stand Me Now"
1640.The Libertines - "I Get Along"
1641.The Libertines - "Vertigo"
1642.Limbeck - "Gamblin' Man"
1643.Limbomaniacs - "Shake It"
1644.The Limousines - "Internet Killed the Video Star"
1645.Limozeen - "Because, It's Midnite"
1646.Lindisfarne - "Fog on the Tyne"
1647.Lipps, Inc. - "Funkytown"
1648.Liquid Liquid - "Optimo"
1649.Liquid Television Experiment - "Acid Rain"
1650.Liquid Tension Experiment - "Acid Rain"
1651.Little Boots - "Confusion"
1652.Little Dragon - "Brush the Heat"
1653.Little Feat - "Fat Man in the Bathtub"
1654.LL Cool J - "Rock the Bells (Original Version)"
1655.Los Lobos - "Bella Notte"
1656.Los Lobos - "Heigh-Ho"
1657.Los Lobos - "I Wan'na Be Like You"
1658.Los Lobos - "Kiko and the Lavender Moon"
1659.Los Lobos - "Revolution"
1660.Los Lobos - "The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room"
1661.Los Lobos - "When You Wish Upon a Star"
1662.Local H - "(Baby Wants To) Tame Me"
1663.Local H - "Cool Magnet"
1664.Local H - "Creature Comforted"
1665.Local H - "Feed a Fever"
1666.Local H - "Hair of the Dog (Live)" [Nazareth]
1667.Local H - "It's So Easy (Live)" [Guns N' Roses]
1668.Local H - "Look Who's Rocking on Four Legs Again"
1669.Local H - "Machine Shed Wrestling"
1670.Local H - "Stick To What You Know"
1671.Loose Ends - "Hangin' on a String (Contemplating)"
1672.Loose Fur - "Apostolic"
1673.Loose Fur - "Hey Chicken"
1674.Lordi - "Bringing Back the Balls to Rock"
1675.Lotion - "Juggernaut"
1676.Lotus - "Bellwether"
1677.G. Love & Special Sauce - "Rock and Roll"
1678.G. Love & Special Sauce - "Take You There"
1679.Love and Rockets - "So Alive"
1680.Loverboy - "Working for the Weekend"
1681.The Lovin' Spoonful - "Never Going Back"
1682.Low Cut Connie - "Jump Into the Fire" [Harry Nilsson]
1683.Nick Lowe and His Cowboy Outfit - "Lucky Dog"
1684.Lowrider - "Freelance Fiend" [Freelance Fiend]
1685.Ludacris - "It Wasn't Us"
1686.Stephen Lynch - "Tall Glass O' Water"
1687.Lynch Mob - "River of Love"
1688.Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Gimme Three Steps"
1689.Lyrics Born - "Do That There"
1690.Mötley Crüe - "City Boy Blues"
1691.Mötley Crüe - "Come On and Dance"
1692.Mötley Crüe - "Dancing on Glass"
1693.Mötley Crüe - "Dr. Feelgood"
1694.Mötley Crüe - "Fight for Your Rights"
1695.Mötley Crüe - "Five Years Dead"
1696.Mötley Crüe - "Hammered"
1697.Mötley Crüe - "Keep Your Eye on the Money"
1698.Mötley Crüe - "Live Wire"
1699.Mötley Crüe - "Primal Scream"
1700.Mötley Crüe - "Public Enemy #1"
1701.Mötley Crüe - "Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)"
1702.Mötley Crüe - "She Goes Down"
1703.Mötley Crüe - "Starry Eyes"
1704.Mötley Crüe - "Stick to Your Guns"
1705.Mötley Crüe - "Sumthin' for Nuthin'"
1706.Mötley Crüe - "Teaser" [Tommy Bolin Group]
1707.Mötley Crüe - "Welcome to the Numb"
1708.M.O.D. - "Get Ready"
1709.M.O.D. - "Goddess / Devil"
1710.M.O.D. - "Whiteout"
1711.M/A/R/R/S - "Pump Up the Volume"
1712.Ralph MacDonald - "Calypson Breakdown"
1713.Machine Head - "Witch Hunt" [Rush]
1714.Madonna - "Give It 2 Me"
1715.Madonna - "Holiday"
1716.Madonna - "Like a Virgin (Extended Dance Remix)"
1717.Madonna - "Who's That Girl"
1718.Taj Mahal - "Mockingbird" [Inez & Charlie Foxx]
1719.Malachai - "Shitkicker"
1720.Stephen Malkmus - "The Hook"
1721.The Mallet Men - "Dark Eyes" [Traditional]
1722.Maná - "Fool In the Rain" [Led Zeppelin]
1723.Manic Street Preachers - "Repeat (UK)"
1724.Manic Street Preachers - "Slash N' Burn"
1725.Manic Street Preachers - "Stay Beautiful"
1726.Aimee Mann - "Goodbye Caroline"
1727.Manowar - "Death Tone"
1728.MarchFourth Marching Band - "Cowbell"
1729.Wade Marcus - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
1730.Marilyn Manson - "Mister Superstar"
1731.Marco Marinangeli - "Maria"
1732.Marco Marinangeli - "Palabras (Are the Words)"
1733.Barbara Markay - "Give Your Flesh to Me"
1734.Bob Marley & the Wailers - "Is This Love"
1735.Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved (Rhythms del Mundo Version)"
1736.The Mars Volta - "Day of the Baphomets"
1737.The Mars Volta - "Ilyena"
1738.The Mars Volta - "L'Via l'Viaquez"
1739.The Mars Volta - "Meccamputechture"
1740.Dean Martin - "Cha, Cha, Cha, D'Amour (Melodie Amour)"
1741.Honey Boy Martin - "Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You" [Jimmy Castor]
1742.Ricky Martin - "She Bangs"
1743.Hugh Masekela - "Grazing in the Grass"
1744.Dave Mason - "Let It Go, Let It Flow"
1745.Ray Mason Band - "Come and Get Your Love" [Redbone]
1746.Massive Attack - "Unfinished Sympathy"
1747.Master - "Slaves to Society"
1748.Master - "World Police"
1749.Material Issue - "Little Willy" [The Sweet]
1750.Matmos - "Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan"
1751.Dave Matthews Band - "#41"
1752.Dave Matthews Band - "Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)"
1753.Dave Matthews Band - "Halloween"
1754.Dave Matthews Band - "Kit Kat Jam"
1755.Dave Matthews Band - "Mother Father"
1756.Dave Matthews Band - "Pantala Naga Pampa"
1757.Dave Matthews Band - "Pig"
1758.Dave Matthews Band - "Proudest Monkey"
1759.Dave Matthews Band - "Rapunzel"
1760.Dave Matthews Band - "So Much to Say"
1761.Dave Matthews Band - "Stay (Wasting Time)"
1762.Dave Matthews Band - "The Dreaming Tree"
1763.Dave Matthews Band - "Too Much"
1764.Dave Matthews Band - "Tripping Billies"
1765.Dave Matthews Band - "Warehouse"
1766.John Mayer - "Wildfire"
1767.Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - "Is That a Threat, or a Promise?"
1768.Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - "Killing Me Slow"
1769.Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - "Tough as John Jacobs"
1770.MC Cool Rock - "Taking Conrol"
1771.MC Frontalot - "I Heart Fags"
1772.Les McCann - "Compared to What (Live)" [Les McCann]
1773.Paul McCartney - "At the Mercy"
1774.Paul McCartney - "Bluebird"
1775.Paul McCartney - "Coming Up"
1776.Paul McCartney - "Dress Me Up as a Robber"
1777.Paul McCartney - "Loup (1st Indian on the Moon)"
1778.Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed"
1779.Paul McCartney - "My Carnival"
1780.Paul McCartney - "No More Lonely Nights (Extended Version)"
1781.Paul McCartney - "Oo You"
1782.Paul McCartney - "Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)"
1783.Paul McCartney - "Really Love You"
1784.Paul McCartney - "The Mess (Live at The Hague, Holland)"
1785.Paul McCartney - "This One"
1786.Paul McCartney - "What's that You're Doing"
1787.Paul McCartney - "Zoo Gang"
1788.Paul & Linda McCartney - "Too Many People"
1789.Megan McCauley - "Tap That"
1790.Delbert McClinton - "Every Time I Roll the Dice"
1791.Delbert McClinton - "Giving It Up for Your Love"
1792.Matthew McConaughey - "Ladies of Miami"
1793.Mel McDaniel - "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"
1794.Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm"
1795.Duff McKagan's Loaded - "Flatline"
1796.John Mellencamp - "Again Tonight"
1797.John Mellencamp - "Get a Leg Up"
1798.John Mellencamp - "Now More Than Ever"
1799.John Mellencamp - "They're So Tough"
1800.John Cougar Mellencamp - "Cherry Bomb"
1801.John Cougar Mellencamp - "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" [Jimmy Boyd]
1802.John Cougar Mellencamp - "Minutes to Memories"
1803.John Cougar Mellencamp - "Pink Houses"
1804.Melvins - "Black Betty" [Iron Head & Group]
1805.Memphis May Fire - "Cowbell's Makin' a Comeback"
1806.Jimmy Messina - "Do You Want to Dance"
1807.Metal Church - "(My Favorite) Nightmare"
1808.Metallica - "My Friend of Misery"
1809.The Meters - "Big Chief" [Dr. John]
1810.The Meters - "Chicken Strut"
1811.The Meters - "Fire on the Bayou"
1812.Alex Metric - "Ilium"
1813.MGMT - "Kids (Soulwax Remix)"
1814.MGMT - "You Life Is a Lie"
1815.Mi Ami - "Latin Lover"
1816.Miami Sound Machine - "Conga"
1817.George Michael - "I Want Your Sex"
1818.Lee Michaels - "Heighty Hi"
1819.Mickey & Sylvia - "Love Is Strange"
1820.Midnight Oil - "Beds Are Burning"
1821.Midnight Oil - "Power and the Passion"
1822.Steve Miller Band - "Jungle Love"
1823.Steve Miller Band - "Steppin' Stone"
1824.The Frankie Miller Band - "A Fool in Love"
1825.Nicki Minaj - "Did It On'em"
1826.Takako Minekawa (嶺川貴子) - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
1827.Ministry and Co-Conspirators - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
1828.Ministry and Co-Conspirators - "Space Truckin'" [Deep Purple]
1829.Kylie Minogue - "Love Is the Drug" [Roxy Music]
1830.Sugar Minott - "Mr. Fisherman"
1831.Misfire Records All-Stars - "The Super Bowl Shuffle" [The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew]
1832.Kim Mitchell - "Miss Demeanor"
1833.MKTO - "Classic"
1834.Moby - "South Side"
1835.Connan Mockasin - "Faking Jazz Together"
1836.Modern Rocketry - "Love Is the Drug" [Roxy Music]
1837.Modest Mouse - "Paper Thin Walls"
1838.Modest Mouse - "Wild Packs of Family Dogs"
1839.moe. - "Downward Facing Dog"
1840.moe. - "Okayalright (Live)"
1841.moe. - "Puebla"
1842.moe. - "The Bones of Lazarus"
1843.Molly Hatchet - "Mississippi Queen (Live)" [Mountain]
1844.Mommy and Daddy - "The Now"
1845.The Monkees - "Circle Sky"
1846.Glenn Monroig - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
1847.Monster Magnet - "Black Mastermind"
1848.Monster Magnet - "Blow Your Mind"
1849.Monster Magnet - "Sin's a Good Man's Brother" [Grand Funk Railroad]
1850.Monster Magnet - "Supercruel"
1851.Monster Magnet - "Superjudge"
1852.Monster Magnet - "Twin Earth"
1853.Montrose - "Rock the Nation"
1854.Montrose - "Space Station #5"
1855.The Moody Blues - "Blue World"
1856.The Mooney Suzuki - "Alive & Amplified"
1857.The Mooney Suzuki - "Hot Sugar"
1858.Jackie Moore - "This Time Baby" [The O'Jays]
1859.R. Stevie Moore - "Forecast"
1860.Derrick Morgan - "Ain't That Crazy"
1861.Van Morrison - "Domino"
1862.Morrissey - "Alsatian Cousin"
1863.Morrissey - "That's How People Grow Up"
1864.Motörhead - "Get Back in Line"
1865.Motörhead - "Louie Louie" [Richard Berry]
1866.Motörhead - "Rock 'n' Roll Music"
1867.Mott the Hoople - "Momma's Little Jewel"
1868.Mott the Hoople - "Sucker"
1869.Mott the Hoople - "Sweet Jane" [The Velvet Underground]
1870.Mountain - "Dream Sequence (Live)"
1871.Mountain - "Mississippi Queen"
1872.Mountain - "Never in My Life"
1873.Mountain - "Silver Paper"
1874.Mountain - "Sittin' on a Rainbow"
1875.Mourning Sun - "Where's Love Gone Today"
1876.The Move - "Chinatown"
1877.The Move - "Do Ya"
1878.Mr. Big - "30 Days in the Hole (Live)" [Humble Pie]
1879.Mr. Big - "Mr. Gone"
1880.Mr. Big - "Temperamental"
1881.Mr. Bungle - "Ars Moriendi"
1882.Mr. Bungle - "Goodbye Sober Day"
1883.Mr. Bungle - "Squeeze Me Macaroni"
1884.Mr. Bungle - "The Air-Conditioned Nightmare"
1885.Jason Mraz - "Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy" [Queen]
1886.MU - "Let's Get Sick"
1887.Muderdolls - "My Dark Place Alone"
1888.Eddie Murphy - "Boogie in Your Butt"
1889.Róisín Murphy - "Cry Baby"
1890.Olly Murs - "Troublemaker"
1891.Mustasch - "Damn It's Dark"
1892.Mutemath - "Cavalries"
1893.Mutha's Day Out - "What U See / We All Bleed Red"
1894.My Chemical Romance - "Party Poison"
1895.My Chemical Romance - "Teenagers"
1896.My Chemical Romance - "The Kids from Yesterday"
1897.My Morning Jacket - "Easy Morning Rebel"
1898.My Morning Jacket - "Lowdown"
1899.My Morning Jacket - "Mahgeetah"
1900.Myra - "Magic Carpet Ride" [Steppenwolf]
1901.Mystery Jets - "Zoo Time"
1902.The M's - "Breakfast Score"
1903.N*E*R*D - "Kill Joy"
1904.N*E*R*D - "Lapdance"
1905.N*E*R*D - "Laugh About It"
1906.N*E*R*D - "Rock Star (Jason Nevins Club Blaster Remix)"
1907.N*E*R*D - "She Wants to Move (DFA Remix)"
1908.N.W.A. - "Gangsta Gangsta"
1909.N3GUS - "Walk the Walk"
1910.Bif Naked - "We're Not Gonna Take It" [Twisted Sister]
1911.Nashville Pussy - "Snowblind" [Ace Frehley]
1912.Nashville Pussy - "Wrong Side of the Gun"
1913.Nasty Idols - "Blackshot"
1914.Nasty Idols - "Dance of the Wicked"
1915.Nasty Idols - "Do Ya' Want Another"
1916.Nazareth - "Carry Out Feelings"
1917.Nazareth - "Hair of the Dog"
1918.Nazareth - "Whiskey Drinkin' Women"
1919.Nebula - "Instant Gravitation"
1920.Nebula - "What You're Looking For"
1921.Nebula - "You Mean Nothing"
1922.Nelly - "Flap Your Wings"
1923.Nelly - "Hot in Herre"
1924.Nelly - "Na-NaNa-Na"
1925.Nelson - "Sooner or Later"
1926.Matthew & Gunnar Nelson - "Hello Mary Lou (Live)" [Ricky Nelson]
1927.Rick Nelson - "Fools Rush In" [Tommy Dorsey Frank Sinatra]
1928.Ricky Nelson - "Hello Mary Lou" [The Sparks]
1929.The New Duncan Imperials - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
1930.The New Jordal Swingers - "I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door" [The Isley Brothers]
1931.New Kids on the Block - "Hangin' Tough"
1932.New Order - "The Perfect Kiss"
1933.New Riders of the Purple Sage - "Hello Mary Lou" [Ricky Nelson]
1934.New Riders of the Purple Sage - "I Don't Need No Doctor" [Ray Charles]
1935.New York Dolls - "Private World"
1936.New Young Pony Club - "Get Lucky"
1937.Newcleus - "Jam on It"
1938.Juice Newton - "Stuck in the Middle with You" [Stealers Wheel]
1939.Night Ranger - "Chippin' Away"
1940.Night Ranger - "Mother Mayhem"
1941.The Nightwatchman - "Whatever It Takes"
1942.Harry Nilsson - "Coconut"
1943.Harry Nilsson - "Jump Into the Fire"
1944.Harry Nilsson - "You Can't Do That" [The Beatles]
1945.nine inch nails - "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)"
1946.nine inch nails - "The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix)"
1947.nine inch nails - "The Warning"
1948.Noah and the Whale - "5 Years Time"
1949.Noah and the Whale - "Waiting for My Chance to Come (Bibio Remix)"
1950.Günter Noris - "Bamboleo / Ai No Corrida" [Chaz Jankel]
1951.North Mississippi Allstars - "Soldier"
1952.The Northern Pikes - "Place That's Insane"
1953.Northern State - "Last Night"
1954.Nothankyou - "Know Yourself"
1955.Nouvelle Vague - "Blue Monday" [New Order]
1956.Nouvelle Vague - "Dance with Me" [The Lords of the New Church]
1957.Nouvelle Vague - "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" [The Specials]
1958.Nouvelle Vague - "Guns of Brixton" [The Clash]
1959.Nouvelle Vague - "Human Fly" [The Cramps]
1960.Nouvelle Vague - "Just Can't Get Enough" [Depeche Mode]
1961.Nouvelle Vague - "Metal" [Gary Numan]
1962.Nouvelle Vague - "Not Knowing" [Minimal Compact]
1963.Nouvelle Vague - "Teenage Kicks" [The Undertones]
1964.Nouvelle Vague - "This Is Not a Love Song" [Public Image Ltd.]
1965.Nouvelle Vague - "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)" [A Flock of Seagulls]
1966.Novadriver - "Sin City" [AC/DC]
1967.Nu Shooz - "I Can't Wait"
1968.Nuclear Assault - "Good Times, Bad Times" [Led Zeppelin]
1969.Ted Nugent - "Free-for-All"
1970.Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - "The Great White Buffalo"
1971.O Rappa - "Hey Joe" [The Leaves]
1972.Oasis - "Roll with It"
1973.Billy Ocean - "Calypso Crazy"
1974.Billy Ocean - "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car"
1975.of Montreal - "Requiem for O.M.M.2"
1976.of Montreal - "Vegan in Furs"
1977.Office - "If You Don't Know by Now"
1978.Office - "Q&A"
1979.The Offspring - "Intermission"
1980.The Offspring - "Original Prankster"
1981.The Offspring - "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)"
1982.The Offspring - "Spare Me the Details"
1983.The Ohio Players - "Love Rollercoaster"
1984.The Ohio Players - "Sweet Sticky Thing"
1985.Oingo Boingo - "Cry of the Vatos"
1986.Oingo Boingo - "Wild Sex (In the Working Class)"
1987.OK Go - "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips"
1988.OK Go - "Do What You Want"
1989.OK Go - "Don’t Ask Me"
1990.Olatunji! - "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba"
1991.One Direction - "Alive"
1992.One Direction - "I Would"
1993.One Direction - "Kiss You"
1994.One Direction - "Live While We're Young"
1995.One Direction - "Magic"
1996.One Direction - "Nobody Compares"
1997.One Direction - "One Thing"
1998.One Direction - "Still the One"
1999.One Direction - "What Makes You Beautiful"
2000.The Only Ones - "You've Got to Pay"
2001.Operation Ivy - "Junkie's Runnin' Dry"
2002.Operation Ivy - "Plea for Peace"
2003.Operator - "The Only One"
2004.Orange Goblin - "Freelance Fiend" [Freelance Fiend]
2005.Original Broadway Cast - "Over the Moon"
2006.Ozzy Osbourne - "Dog, the Bounty Hunter"
2007.Ozzy Osbourne - "Let It Die"
2008.Ozzy Osbourne - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
2009.Our Lady Peace - "Consequence of Laughing"
2010.Our Lady Peace - "Happiness & the Fish"
2011.Our Lady Peace - "Is Anybody Home?"
2012.Out Cast (アウト・キャスト) - "Let's Go on the Beach (レッツ・ゴー・オン・ザ・ビーチ)"
2013.Outlaws - "Waterhole"
2014.Ozomatli - "Saturday Night"
2015.The O'Jays - "Back Stabbers"
2016.P!nk - "Get The Party Started"
2017.P!nk - "U + UR Hand"
2018.Pánico - "Transpiralo"
2019.Michel Pagliaro - "Lovin' You Ain't Easy"
2020.Diego Paláez - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2021.Pantera - "All Over Tonight"
2022.Pantera - "Drag the Waters"
2023.Pantera - "In Over My Head"
2024.Pantera - "Revolution is My Name"
2025.Paramore - "Still Into You"
2026.Ray Parker, Jr. - "Ghostbusters"
2027.The Alan Parsons Project - "Games People Play"
2028.The Alan Parsons Project - "Step by Step"
2029.The Pastels - "Breaking Lines"
2030.The Pastels - "Strategic Gear"
2031.patten - "Version (Test Mixxx)"
2032.Mike Patton - "16 Tons (Bootleg)" [Merle Travis]
2033.Pavement - "Roll With the Wind"
2034.Pavement - "Silence Kit"
2035.Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
2036.Pearl Jam - "The Fixer"
2037.Pearl Jam - "Who You Are"
2038.Pebbles - "Mercedes Boy"
2039.Penance - "Crosses"
2040.Pendulum - "Showdown"
2041.Pendulum - "The Other Side"
2042.Pentagram - "Petrified"
2043.Pentagram - "Sinister"
2044.Pentagram - "Vampyre Love"
2045.Pernice Brothers - "Snow"
2046.Pet Shop Boys - "Always on My Mind" [Elvis Presley]
2047.Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls"
2048.Peter Bjorn and John - "Dig a Little Deeper (Bootleg)"
2049.Peter Bjorn and John - "Second Chance"
2050.Tom Petty - "Honey Bee"
2051.Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - "Jammin' Me"
2052.Pharrell - "Angel"
2053.Pharrell - "Baby"
2054.Pharrell - "Raspy Shit"
2055.Glen Phillips - "Easier"
2056.Glen Phillips - "Gather"
2057.Glen Phillips - "Thankful"
2058.Phish - "46 Days"
2059.Phish - "99 Problems (Bootleg)" [Jay-Z]
2060.Phish - "All Things Reconsidered"
2061.Phish - "Demand"
2062.Phish - "Farmhouse (Live)"
2063.Phish - "Glide"
2064.Phish - "Good Times, Bad Times (Live)" [Led Zeppelin]
2065.Phish - "It's Ice"
2066.Phish - "My Sweet One"
2067.Phish - "Rift"
2068.Phish - "Scent Of A Mule"
2069.Phish - "Steep"
2070.Phish - "Suzy Greenberg (Live)"
2071.Phish - "Taste"
2072.Phish - "The Happy Whip and Dung Song"
2073.Phish - "The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony"
2074.Phish - "Title Track"
2075.Phish - "Twist"
2076.Phish - "Weigh (Live)"
2077.Phuture - "Acid Tracks"
2078.Wilson Pickett - "Get Me Back on Time, Engine Number 9, Pt. I & Pt. II (Live)"
2079.Pierce the Veil - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" [Blue Öyster Cult]
2080.Pink Floyd - "Coming Back To Life"
2081.Pink Floyd - "One of My Turns (Live)"
2082.Pink Floyd - "Pigs (Three Different Ones)"
2083.Pink Floyd - "The Gnome"
2084.Pink Floyd - "Young Lust (Live)"
2085.Pixies - "Blue Eyed Hexe"
2086.Pixies - "U-Mass"
2087.Plants and Animals - "The Mama Papa"
2088.Joel Plaskett Emergency - "Extraordinary"
2089.Player - "Silver Lining"
2090.Poco - "I Guess You Made It"
2091.The Pogues - "Honky Tonk Women" [The Rolling Stones]
2092.The Pointer Sisters - "He's So Shy"
2093.Poison - "Back to the Rocking Horse"
2094.Poison - "Little Willy" [The Sweet]
2095.Poison - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
2096.Robert Pollard - "Faking the Boy Scouts"
2097.Robert Pollard - "The Right Thing"
2098.Chris Pontius - "Karazy"
2099.Iggy Pop - "Sixteen"
2100.Iggy Pop - "Some Weird Sin"
2101.Iggy Pop - "Success"
2102.Iggy Pop - "The Passenger"
2103.Popa Chubby - "Low Rider" [WAR]
2104.Portishead - "Magic Doors"
2105.Omara Portuondo - "Killing Me Softly" [Lori Lieberman]
2106.Mike Posner - "Cooler than Me"
2107.Pounding Grooves - "Bunch Off"
2108.Bud Powell - "Un Poco Loco"
2109.Power Tool - "Two Heads Are Better than One"
2110.The Prairie Cartel - "Homicide" [999]
2111.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Back Porch"
2112.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Bath of Fire"
2113.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Body"
2114.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Boll Weevil"
2115.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Bug City"
2116.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Candy"
2117.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Clean Machine"
2118.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Confusion"
2119.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Kitty"
2120.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Lunatic to Love"
2121.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Mach 5"
2122.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Naked and Famous"
2123.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Peaches"
2124.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Shortwave"
2125.The Presidents of the United States of America - "So Lo So Hi"
2126.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Supermodel"
2127.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Tiki God"
2128.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Twig"
2129.The Presidents of the United States of America - "Wake Up"
2130.Elvis Presley - "A Little Less Conversation"
2131.Elvis Presley - "Burning Love" [Arthur Alexander]
2132.Elvis Presley - "Trouble"
2133.Gomez Presley - "The Letter" [The Box Tops]
2134.The Pretenders - "Brass in Pocket"
2135.The Pretenders - "Cuban Slide"
2136.The Pretenders - "Time the Avenger"
2137.Pretty Boy Floyd - "Set the Nite on Fire"
2138.The Pretty Things - "We'll Play House"
2139.Priestess - "Run Home"
2140.Primal Scream - "Give Out But Don't Give Up"
2141.Primal Scream - "Motörhead" [Motörhead]
2142.Primus - "Amos Moses" [Jerry Reed]
2143.Primus - "Have a Cigar" [Pink Floyd]
2144.Primus - "The Family and the Fishing Net" [Peter Gabriel]
2145.Primus - "Tommy the Cat (Live at the Henry J. Kaiser Arena on December 31, 1997)"
2146.Prince - "Bambi"
2147.Prince - "Calhoun Square"
2148.Prince - "Endorphinmachine"
2149.Prince - "Life O' the Party"
2150.Prince - "U Got the Look"
2151.Prince & the New Power Generation - "Cream"
2152.Prince & the Revolution - "Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)"
2153.Prince & the Revolution - "Life Can Be So Nice"
2154.Prince Rama - "Lightening Fossil"
2155.Prince Rama - "Portaling"
2156.Prince Rama - "Raghupati"
2157.Prince Rama - "Thunderdrums"
2158.PRiSM - "Spaceship Superstar"
2159.Private Line - "Live Wire" [Mötley CrÜe]
2160.Procol Harum - "Bringing Home the Bacon"
2161.Procol Harum - "Every Dog Will Have His Day"
2162.Procol Harum - "Good Captain Clack"
2163.Procol Harum - "Holding On"
2164.Procol Harum - "Mabel"
2165.Procol Harum - "Monsieur R. Monde"
2166.Procol Harum - "Pandora's Box"
2167.Procol Harum - "Pilgrim's Progress"
2168.Procol Harum - "Poor Mohammed"
2169.Procol Harum - "Power Failure"
2170.Procol Harum - "The Unquiet Zone"
2171.Procol Harum - "Typewriter Torment"
2172.Procol Harum - "Whisky Train"
2173.Project-X - "Photograph" [Def Leppard]
2174.Prong - "For Dear Life"
2175.Proxy - "Vibrate"
2176.Public Enemy - "Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man"
2177.Puddle of Mudd - "Funk #49" [James Gang]
2178.Puddle of Mudd - "Psycho"
2179.Tito Puente - "Oye Como Va"
2180.Tito Puente & His Orchestra - "Cuban Pete" [Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra]
2181.Tito Puente & His Orchestra - "Pa' los Rumberos"
2182.Puscifer - "Conditions of My Parole (F.U.B.A.R. Remix)"
2183.Puscifer - "Cuntry Boner (Disco Viagra Mix)"
2184.The Pussycat Dolls - "I Don't Need a Man"
2185.Pyramyth - "Cowbell Rock"
2186.Quando Quango - "Low Rider" [WAR]
2187.Queen - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live)"
2188.Queen - "Dragon Attack"
2189.Queen - "Keep Yourself Alive"
2190.Queen - "Liar"
2191.Queen - "My Baby Does Me"
2192.Queen - "The Loser in the End"
2193.Queen - "The Night Comes Down"
2194.Queen - "Who Needs You"
2195.Queens of the Stone Age - "In the Fade"
2196.Queens of the Stone Age - "Little Sister"
2197.Queens of the Stone Age - "Skin on Skin"
2198.Domingo Quiñones - "Day Tripper" [The Beatles]
2199.Quiet Riot - "Party All Night"
2200.Röyksopp - "What Else Is There?"
2201.R.E.M. - "Ignoreland"
2202.The Raconteurs - "Five on the Five"
2203.Radiant - "That Girl"
2204.Radio 4 - "Dance to the Underground"
2205.Radio Heart - "Radio Heart"
2206.Radiohead - "Bangers + Mash"
2207.Radiohead - "Electioneering"
2208.Corinne Bailey Rae - "Put Your Records On"
2209.Gerry Rafferty - "All Souls"
2210.Gerry Rafferty - "Get It Right Next Time"
2211.Gerry Rafferty - "La Fenetre"
2212.Gerry Rafferty - "Night Owl"
2213.Gerry Rafferty - "Right Down the Line"
2214.Gerry Rafferty - "The Girl's Got No Confidence"
2215.Gerry Rafferty - "Tired of Talking"
2216.Rafter - "A Frame"
2217.Rage Against the Machine - "Freedom"
2218.Rage Against the Machine - "Killing in the Name"
2219.Rage Against the Machine - "Take the Power Back"
2220.Rage Against the Machine - "Township Rebellion"
2221.Raging Slab - "[We're an] American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
2222.The Raiders - "Just Seventeen"
2223.Rainbow - "Bad Girl"
2224.Rainbow - "Black Sheep of the Family"
2225.Rainbow - "Self Portrait"
2226.Rainbow - "Since You Been Gone" [Russ Ballard]
2227.Rainbow - "Still I'm Sad" [The Yardbirds]
2228.Raise Hell - "The Destiny Deceiver"
2229.Bonnie Raitt - "Bluebird" [Buffalo Springfield]
2230.Ramones - "Suzy Is a Headbanger"
2231.Ramones - "Time Has Come Today" [The Chambers Brothers]
2232.Randy - "Freedom-Song"
2233.The Rapture - "Confrontation"
2234.The Rapture - "Don Gon Do It"
2235.The Rapture - "Down For So Long"
2236.The Rapture - "Echoes"
2237.The Rapture - "House of Jealous Lovers"
2238.The Rapture - "Love Is All"
2239.The Rapture - "No Sex for Ben"
2240.The Rapture - "The Devil"
2241.The Rapture - "The Sound"
2242.The Rapture - "Whoo! Alright Yeah…Uh-Huh"
2243.The Raspberries - "Party's Over"
2244.Ratatat - "Crips"
2245.Ratt - "Heads I Win, Tails You Lose"
2246.Ratt - "I Want a Woman"
2247.Ratt - "Shame Shame Shame"
2248.Ratt - "Way Cool Jr."
2249.Raw - "Well...All Right" [Buddy Holly]
2250.Raw Power - "Joe's the Best"
2251.Chris Rea - "Fool (If You Think It's Over)"
2252.Red Fang - "Sharks"
2253.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Apache Rose Peacock"
2254.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Breaking the Girl"
2255.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Funky Monks"
2256.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Hump de Bump"
2257.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Readymade"
2258.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Show Me Your Soul"
2259.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "So Much I"
2260.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie"
2261.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Power of Equality"
2262.Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Righteous & The Wicked"
2263.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "You Better Pray"
2264.Redbone - "Come and Get Your Love"
2265.Sharon Redd - "Never Give You Up"
2266.Jerry Reed - "A Friend"
2267.Jerry Reed - "Almost Crazy"
2268.Jerry Reed - "Amos Moses"
2269.Jerry Reed - "Baby We're Really in Love" [Hank Williams]
2270.Jerry Reed - "Folsom Prison Blues" [Johnny Cash]
2271.Jerry Reed - "Gomyeyonyo"
2272.Jerry Reed - "Goodnight, Irene" [Leadbelly]
2273.Jerry Reed - "Hooray for Chuck Berry"
2274.Jerry Reed - "Huggin' and Chalkin'" [Hoagy Carmichael]
2275.Jerry Reed - "I Don't Know About You Baby"
2276.Jerry Reed - "I Just Don't Understand" [Ann-Margret]
2277.Jerry Reed - "Ko-Ko Joe"
2278.Jerry Reed - "Nashville Woman" [Glenn Lonsdale]
2279.Jerry Reed - "Sixteen Tons" [Merle Travis]
2280.Jerry Reed - "The Uptown Poker Club"
2281.Jerry Reed - "When You're Hot, You're Hot"
2282.Jerry Reed - "You Can't Keep Me Here in Tennessee"
2283.Lou Reed - "Vicious"
2284.Della Reese - "Compared to What" [Les McCann]
2285.The Refreshments - "Preacher's Daughter"
2286.Ren&eactue; & Angela - "Save Your Love (For #1)"
2287.REO Speedwagon - "Like You Do"
2288.The Replacements - "Alex Chilton"
2289.The Reverend Horton Heat - "Ain't No Saguaro in Texas"
2290.The Reverend Horton Heat - "Rural Point of View"
2291.The Reverend Horton Heat - "Slow"
2292.Revolting Cocks - "Dead End Streets"
2293.Revolution Mother - "Come On"
2294.Rewind - "Dr. Feelgood"
2295.Rhythms del Mundo - "Beat It" [Michael Jackson]
2296.Rhythms del Mundo - "Because the Night" [Patti Smith]
2297.Rhythms del Mundo - "Big Yellow Taxi" [Joni Mitchell]
2298.Rhythms del Mundo - "Bohemian Rhapsody" [Queen]
2299.Rhythms del Mundo - "Cupid" [Sam Cooke]
2300.Rhythms del Mundo - "For What It's Worth" [Buffalo Springfield]
2301.Rhythms del Mundo - "Hotel California" [The Eagles]
2302.Rhythms del Mundo - "Purple Haze" [Jimi Hendrix]
2303.Rhythms del Mundo - "Runaway" [Del Shannon]
2304.Rhythms del Mundo - "Under Pressure" [David Bowie & Queen]
2305.Rhythms del Mundo - "Under the Boardwalk" [The Drifters]
2306.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Aquí Como Allá" [Arsenio Rodríguez]
2307.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Choserito Plena"
2308.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Como Se Gozo en el Barrio" [Arsenio Rodríguez]
2309.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Fiesta en el Solar" [Arsenio Rodríguez]
2310.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "La Vida Es un Sueño" [Arsenio Rodríguez]
2311.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Los Teenagers Bailan Changui" [Arsenio Rodríguez]
2312.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "No Me Llores Más" [Willie Colón]
2313.Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos - "Postizo"
2314.Buddy Rich - "Yesterdays" [Jerome Kern / Otto Harbach]
2315.Lionel Richie - "All Night Long (All Night)"
2316.Glen Ricks - "Honky Tonk Woman" [The Rolling Stones]
2317.Rilo Kiley - "Breakin' Up"
2318.Rilo Kiley - "Dejalo"
2319.Rinky Dinks - "Choo Choo Cha Cha"
2320.Johnny Rivera - "A Hard Day's Night" [The Beatles]
2321.Bob Rivers - "Bought It Up" [The Rolling Stones]
2322.Johnny Rivers - "Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu" [Huey ''Piano'' Smith]
2323.Robbie Rivers - "The Sound of the Times (Koen Groeneveld Remix)"
2324.Vicki Sue Robinson - "Turn the Beat Around"
2325.Tom Robinson Band - "Power in the Darkness"
2326.Rocket From the Crypt - "Return of the Liar"
2327.Robert Rodríguez - "El Wray"
2328.Tito Rodríguez & His Orchestra - "Theme from The Magnificent Seven" [Elmer Berstein]
2329.Omar Rodríguez-López - "Deus Ex Machina"
2330.Omar Rodríguez-López - "Jacob Van Lennepkade"
2331.Omar Rodríguez-López - "Spookrijden Op Het Fietspad"
2332.Roberto Roena - "Spinning Wheel" [Blood, Sweat & Tears]
2333.The Rolling Stones - "Doom and Gloom"
2334.The Rolling Stones - "Hand of Fate"
2335.The Rolling Stones - "Hey Negrita"
2336.The Rolling Stones - "Honky Tonk Women"
2337.The Rolling Stones - "Hot Stuff"
2338.The Rolling Stones - "Lies"
2339.The Rolling Stones - "On With the Show"
2340.The Rolling Stones - "Sing This All Together"
2341.The Rolling Stones - "Sing This All Together (See What Happens)"
2342.The Rolling Stones - "Slave"
2343.The Rolling Stones - "Start Me Up"
2344.The Rolling Stones - "Sweet Black Angel"
2345.The Rolling Stones - "Terrifying"
2346.Rollins Band - "Your Number Is One"
2347.Mark Ronson - "Diversion"
2348.Mark Ronson - "L.S.F." [Kasabian]
2349.Mark Ronson - "Ohh Wee"
2350.Mark Ronson - "Outversion"
2351.Mark Ronson - "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before (Live)" [The Smiths]
2352.Mark Ronson - "The Only One I Know" [The Charlatans (UK)]
2353.Linda Ronstadt - "It's So Easy" [Buddy Holly]
2354.Linda Ronstadt - "Just One Look" [Doris Troy]
2355.Linda Ronstadt - "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" [Warren Zevon]
2356.The Roots - "Lost Desire"
2357.The Roots - "Rising Up"
2358.The Roots - "Sleep"
2359.The Roots - "The OtherSide"
2360.The Roots - "Without a Doubt" [Schoolly D]
2361.Aquila Rose - "Hotel Buena Vista"
2362.The Jerry Ross Symposium - "Little Green Bag" [The George Baker Selection]
2363.Rossington Collins Band - "Don't Misunderstand Me"
2364.Asher Roth - "More Cowbell"
2365.David Lee Roth - "Goin' Crazy! (From the Heat)"
2366.David Lee Roth - "Ladies' Nite in Buffalo?"
2367.Rough Trade - "Birds of a Feather"
2368.Roxy Music - "Love Is the Drug"
2369.Run-D.M.C. - "Is It Live?"
2370.Run-D.M.C. - "King of Rock"
2371.Run-D.M.C. - "Peter Piper"
2372.Run-D.M.C. - "Walk This Way" [Aerosmith]
2373.The Runaways - "American Nights"
2374.The Runaways - "I Love Playin' With Fire"
2375.The Runaways - "Is It Day or Night?"
2376.The Runaways - "Rock and Roll" [The Velvet Underground]
2377.The Runaways - "Wasted (Live)"
2378.Todd Rundgren - "Heavy Metal Kids"
2379.Rush - "A Passage to Bangkok"
2380.Rush - "Beneath, Between & Behind (Live)"
2381.Rush - "Digital Man"
2382.Rush - "Heart Full of Soul" [The Yardbirds]
2383.Rush - "In the Mood"
2384.Rush - "Red Lenses"
2385.Rush - "Superconductor"
2386.Rush - "The Big Money"
2387.Rush - "The Trees"
2388.Rush - "Virtuality"
2389.Rush - "Witch Hunt"
2390.Rush - "Xanadu"
2391.Rush - "YYZ (Live)"
2392.Rye Coalition - "Vacations"
2393.Sólstafir - "I Myself the Visionary Head"
2394.Sade - "Never as Good as the First Time"
2395.Safety Scissors - "Sipper"
2396.Sahara Hotnights - "Puppy"
2397.Sahara Hotnights - "Vulture Feet"
2398.Saint Etienne - "Lose That Girl"
2399.Salt 'N Pepa - "Push It"
2400.Sam & Dave - "Why Did You Do It?" [Stretch]
2401.Samuraj Cities - "Spoonful of Talk"
2402.Samuraj Cities - "Thxa1000000"
2403.Mongo Santamaría - "Hitchcock Railway" [Joe Cocker]
2404.Mongo Santamaría - "The Letter" [The Box Tops]
2405.Mongo Santamaría - "Watermelon Man" [Herbie Hancock]
2406.Santana - "É Papa Ré"
2407.Santana - "(Da Le) Yalleo"
2408.Santana - "A-1 Funk (Live)"
2409.Santana - "Abi Cama"
2410.Santana - "African Bamba"
2411.Santana - "Agua Que Va Caer"
2412.Santana - "American Gypsy"
2413.Santana - "Amoré (Sexo)"
2414.Santana - "Angel Negro"
2415.Santana - "Angels All Around Us (Introduction) (Live)"
2416.Santana - "Aye Aye Aye"
2417.Santana - "Back in Black" [AC/DC]
2418.Santana - "Ballin'"
2419.Santana - "Bambara"
2420.Santana - "Bambele (Live)"
2421.Santana - "Bang a Gong" [T. Rex]
2422.Santana - "Batuka"
2423.Santana - "Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen" [Fleetwood Mac]
2424.Santana - "Body Surfing"
2425.Santana - "Borboletta"
2426.Santana - "Breaking Out"
2427.Santana - "Brotherhood"
2428.Santana - "Canto de los Flores"
2429.Santana - "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" [The Rolling Stones]
2430.Santana - "Carnaval"
2431.Santana - "Castillos de Arena, Pt. 1 (Sand Castle) (Live)"
2432.Santana - "Changes" [Cat Stevens]
2433.Santana - "Choose"
2434.Santana - "Come to My World"
2435.Santana - "Con Santana"
2436.Santana - "Corazón Espinado"
2437.Santana - "Dance Sister Dance (Baila Mi Hermana)"
2438.Santana - "Dance the Night Away" [Van Halen]
2439.Santana - "Dealer / Spanish Rose" [Traffic]
2440.Santana - "Deeper, Dig Deeper"
2441.Santana - "El Farol"
2442.Santana - "El Fuego"
2443.Santana - "Eres la Luz"
2444.Santana - "Esperando (Live)"
2445.Santana - "Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) (Live)"
2446.Santana - "Every Step of the Way"
2447.Santana - "Everybody's Everything"
2448.Santana - "Evil Ways" [Wille Bobo]
2449.Santana - "Flor d'Luna (Moonflower)"
2450.Santana - "Foo Foo"
2451.Santana - "Fortunate Son" [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
2452.Santana - "Free Angela (Live)" [Bayeté]
2453.Santana - "Future Primitive"
2454.Santana - "Gitano"
2455.Santana - "Give and Take"
2456.Santana - "Guajira"
2457.Santana - "Gypsy / Grajonca"
2458.Santana - "Hannibal"
2459.Santana - "Hard Times"
2460.Santana - "Hermes"
2461.Santana - "Hope You're Feeling Better"
2462.Santana - "I Am Somebody"
2463.Santana - "Incident at Neshabur"
2464.Santana - "It's a Jungle Out There"
2465.Santana - "I'm the One Who Loves You" [The Impressions]
2466.Santana - "Jingo" [Olatunji!]
2467.Santana - "Jugando"
2468.Santana - "Jungle Strut" [Gene Ammons & His Group]
2469.Santana - "La Fuente del Ritmo"
2470.Santana - "Let the Children Play"
2471.Santana - "Let the Music Set You Free"
2472.Santana - "Let There Be Light / Spirits Dancing in the Flesh"
2473.Santana - "Life Is a Lady / Holiday"
2474.Santana - "Life Is for Living (Viva la Vida)"
2475.Santana - "Light of Life"
2476.Santana - "Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)"
2477.Santana - "Love Is You"
2478.Santana - "Love, Devotion & Surrender"
2479.Santana - "Mañana"
2480.Santana - "Macumba in Budapest"
2481.Santana - "Mandela"
2482.Santana - "Maria Caracoles"
2483.Santana - "Milagro"
2484.Santana - "Mother Africa"
2485.Santana - "Mother's Daughter"
2486.Santana - "Move On"
2487.Santana - "Mr. Szabo"
2488.Santana - "Mr. Udo (Live)"
2489.Santana - "Night Hunting Time" [Paul Brady]
2490.Santana - "No One to Depend On"
2491.Santana - "Nueva York"
2492.Santana - "One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)" [The Four Tops]
2493.Santana - "Over and Over"
2494.Santana - "Oxun (Oshûn)"
2495.Santana - "Oye Como Va" [Tito Puente]
2496.Santana - "Para los Rumberos" [Tito Puente & His Orchestra]
2497.Santana - "Peace on Earth…Mother Earth…Third Stone From the Sun (Medley)" [John Coltrane]
2498.Santana - "Peraza, Pt. 1"
2499.Santana - "Photograph" [Def Leppard]
2500.Santana - "Primavera"
2501.Santana - "Primera Invasion"
2502.Santana - "Revelations"
2503.Santana - "Riders on the Storm" [The Doors]
2504.Santana - "Right Now"
2505.Santana - "Saja / Right On"
2506.Santana - "Samba Pa Ti (Live)"
2507.Santana - "Savor"
2508.Santana - "Say It Again"
2509.Santana - "Se a Cabo"
2510.Santana - "Searchin'"
2511.Santana - "Shades of Time"
2512.Santana - "Shangó"
2513.Santana - "She's Not There" [The Zombies]
2514.Santana - "Smooth"
2515.Santana - "Songs of Freedom"
2516.Santana - "Soul Sacrifice (Live)"
2517.Santana - "Soul Sacrifice / Don't Try This at Home (Live)"
2518.Santana - "Soweto (Africa Libre)"
2519.Santana - "Spirit"
2520.Santana - "Stone Flower"
2521.Santana - "Stormy" [Georgie Fame]
2522.Santana - "Sunshine of Your Love" [Cream]
2523.Santana - "Take Me With You"
2524.Santana - "Tales of Kilimanjaro"
2525.Santana - "The Game of Love"
2526.Santana - "The Nile"
2527.Santana - "The Sensitive Kind" [J.J. Cale]
2528.Santana - "Touchdown Raiders"
2529.Santana - "Toussaint l'Overture"
2530.Santana - "Treat"
2531.Santana - "Try a Little Harder"
2532.Santana - "Twisted"
2533.Santana - "Two Points of View"
2534.Santana - "Veracruz"
2535.Santana - "Vilató (Live)"
2536.Santana - "We Don't Have to Wait"
2537.Santana - "Well...All Right" [Buddy Holly]
2538.Santana - "Wham!"
2539.Santana - "Who Loves You"
2540.Santana - "Whole Lotta Love" [Led Zeppelin]
2541.Santana - "Why Don't You & I" [Santana Chad Kroeger]
2542.Santana - "Wishing It Was"
2543.Santana - "You Are My Kind"
2544.Santana - "Yours Is the Light"
2545.Carlos Santana - "Bailando / Aquatic Park"
2546.Carlos Santana - "Daughter of the Night" [Mikael Rickfors]
2547.Carlos Santana - "Free as the Morning Sun"
2548.Carlos Santana - "Golden Hours"
2549.Carlos Santana - "Havana Moon" [Chuck Berry]
2550.Carlos Santana - "I'm Gone"
2551.Carlos Santana - "La Llave"
2552.Carlos Santana - "Mingus"
2553.Carlos Santana - "Mudbone"
2554.Carlos Santana - "One With You"
2555.Carlos Santana - "Smoke on the Water" [Deep Purple]
2556.Carlos Santana - "Song for My Brother"
2557.Carlos Santana - "Vereda Tropical" [Gonzalo Curiel]
2558.Carlos Santana - "Watch Your Step" [Bobby Parker]
2559.Carlos Santana - "Who Do You Love?" [Bo Diddley]
2560.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Faith Interlude (Live)"
2561.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Free Form Funkafide Filth (Live)"
2562.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Lava (Live)"
2563.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Marbles (Live)" [John McLaughlin]
2564.Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles - "Them Changes (Live)"
2565.Santers - "All Right Now" [Free]
2566.Joe Satriani - "Look My Way"
2567.Joe Satriani - "The Mighty Turtle Head"
2568.Joe Satriani - "The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing"
2569.SBTRKT - "Hold On / Migration (Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire)"
2570.Michael Schenker Group - "Hair of the Dog" [Nazareth]
2571.Lalo Schifrin - "Black Widow"
2572.Lalo Schifrin - "Flamingo"
2573.Schoolly D - "Saturday Night"
2574.Chico Science & Nação Zumbi - "Sangue de Bairro"
2575.Scientist - "The Corpse Rises"
2576.Scissor Sisters - "Everybody Wants the Same Thing"
2577.Scissor Sisters - "Fuck Yeah"
2578.Scissor Sisters - "Keep Your Shoes"
2579.Scissor Sisters - "Music Is the Victim"
2580.Scissor Sisters - "San Luis Obispo"
2581.Scissor Sisters - "Self Control"
2582.Scissor Sisters - "Year of Living Dangerously"
2583.Scooter - "Black Betty" [Iron Head & Group]
2584.Scorpions - "Alien Nation"
2585.Scorpions - "Pictured Life"
2586.Scorpions - "Speedy's Coming"
2587.Shirley Scott - "Keep On Movin' On"
2588.Scouting for Girls - "She's So Lovely"
2589.The Screaming Jets - "Sick and Tired"
2590.Bob Seger - "Face the Promise"
2591.Bob Seger - "Wreck This Heart"
2592.Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - "Her Strut"
2593.Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - "Old Time Rock and Roll"
2594.Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - "You'll Accomp'ny Me"
2595.Jay Semko - "Times Change"
2596.Serart - "Metal Shock"
2597.The Shadows - "Africa" [Toto]
2598.The Shadows - "Always on My Mind" [Brenda Lee]
2599.The Shadows - "Honky Tonk Women" [The Rolling Stones]
2600.Shandi's Addiction - "Calling Dr. Love" [KISS]
2601.Shannon - "Let the Music Play"
2602.She Wants Revenge - "Written in Blood"
2603.T.G. Sheppard - "Make My Day"
2604.Shifted - "Leather"
2605.The Shins - "No Way Down (Swift Sessions)"
2606.Shivaree - "Goodnight Moon"
2607.Shocking Pinks - "Smokescreen"
2608.Shooting Star - "Stranger"
2609.Shout Out Louds - "Tonight I Have to Leave It"
2610.Shout Out Out Out Out - "Chicken Soup for the Fuck You"
2611.Silvertide - "California Rain"
2612.Silvertide - "Devil's Daughter"
2613.Eva Simmons - "Renegade (Paparazzi Remix)"
2614.Carly Simon - "Mockingbird" [Inez & Charlie Foxx]
2615.Carly Simon - "You're So Vain"
2616.Paul Simon - "Born at the Right Time"
2617.Paul Simon - "Born in Puerto Rico"
2618.Paul Simon - "Have a Good Time"
2619.Paul Simon - "Late in the Evening"
2620.Paul Simon - "Pigs, Sheep and Wolves"
2621.Paul Simon - "Quality"
2622.Paul Simon - "She Moves On"
2623.Paul Simon - "Slip Slidin' Away"
2624.Paul Simon - "That's Where I Belong"
2625.Paul Simon - "The Coast"
2626.Paul Simon - "The Rhythm of the Saints"
2627.Paul Simon - "The Vampires"
2628.Paul Simon - "Think Too Much (B)"
2629.Paul Simon - "Time is an Ocean"
2630.Simple Minds - "New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)"
2631.Sinner - "Revolution"
2632.Sir Mix-A-Lot - "Baby Got Back"
2633.Siriusmo - "Congratulator"
2634.Skankin' Pickle - "Pay To Cum" [Bad Brains]
2635.Skid Row - "Big Guns"
2636.Skid Row - "Monkey Business"
2637.Skid Row - "Sweet Little Sister"
2638.Skinny Puppy - "Dig it"
2639.Skrillex - "Fucking Die 2 (€€ Cooper Mix)"
2640.Skrillex - "Kill EVERYBODY"
2641.Slade - "Good Time Gals"
2642.Slade - "The Bangin' Man"
2643.Slapbak - "Low Rider" [WAR]
2644.Slash - "Baby Can't Drive"
2645.Slash - "Standing in the Sun"
2646.Slaughter - "She Wants More"
2647.Slaughter - "Shout It Out"
2648.Slave - "Slide"
2649.Sleater-Kinney - "Rollercoaster"
2650.Sleater-Kinney - "Sympathy"
2651.The Sleepers - "Bad for Me"
2652.The Sleepers - "Last Cowboy"
2653.Sleeping Bag - "Chinchilla"
2654.Sloan - "Live On"
2655.Sly & the Family Stone - "Everyday People"
2656.Sly & the Family Stone - "Family Affair"
2657.The Small Faces - "Come Back and Take This Hurt Off Me"
2658.Elliott Smith - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Bootleg)" [Blue Öyster Cult]
2659.Will Smith - "Will 2k" [The Clash]
2660.Smut Peddlers - "If You're Gonna Be Dumb" [Roger Alan Wade]
2661.Snuff - "Soul Limbo" [Booker T. & the MG's]
2662.Social Distortion - "Bad Luck"
2663.Soho - "Hippychick"
2664.Solar Project - "Pigs (Featuring Dogs 'N' Sheep)" [Pink Floyd]
2665.Son Volt - "Drown"
2666.Sonata Arctica - "Blinded No More"
2667.Soulfly - "Sangue de Bairro" [Chico Science & Nação Zumbi]
2668.Soulfly - "Soulfly IV"
2669.Soulphiction - "When Radio Was Boss"
2670.Soulwax - "Another Excuse"
2671.Soundgarden - "Mailman"
2672.Soundgarden - "Spoonman"
2673.The Sounds - "Song With a Mission"
2674.Sounds Orchestral - "Más Que Nada" [Jorge Ben]
2675.The Soup Dragons - "Divine Thing"
2676.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Banana Puddin'"
2677.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Camel Walk"
2678.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Fried Chicken and Gasoline"
2679.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Shotgun"
2680.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Soul City"
2681.Southern Culture on the Skids - "Voodoo Cadillac"
2682.The Charlie Souza Band - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2683.Spank Rock - "Bump"
2684.Britney Spears - "(You Drive Me) Crazy"
2685.The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Full Grown"
2686.Spin Doctors - "Off My Line"
2687.Spin Doctors - "Refrigerator Car"
2688.Spirit - "I Got a Line on You"
2689.Spirit - "Mr. Skin"
2690.Spirit - "Nature's Way"
2691.Spock's Beard - "As Long as We Ride"
2692.Bruce Springsteen - "Darlington County"
2693.Bruce Springsteen - "Jesse James" [Traditional]
2694.Spymob - "Half-Steering…"
2695.Spymob - "Reno"
2696.Squad Five-O - "Bombs over Broadway"
2697.Squirrel Nut Zippers - "Hell"
2698.St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - "Only Today"
2699.Stampeders - "Don't You (Want Like I Do)"
2700.Stampeders - "Sweet City Woman"
2701.Alexandra Stan - "Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)"
2702.The Standells - "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"
2703.Paul Stanley - "It's Alright"
2704.Starfucker - "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second"
2705.Ringo Starr - "Everyone Wins"
2706.Starz - "Don't Stop Now"
2707.Starz - "Good Ale We Seek"
2708.Starz - "Rock Six Times"
2709.Stealers Wheel - "Go as You Please"
2710.Stealers Wheel - "Good Businessman"
2711.Stealers Wheel - "I Get By"
2712.Stealers Wheel - "Star"
2713.Stealers Wheel - "Stuck in the Middle with You"
2714.Stealers Wheel - "Who Cares?"
2715.Steel Panther - "I Like Drugs"
2716.Steel Panther - "I Want Pussy"
2717.Steel Panther - "Let Me Cum In"
2718.Steel Panther - "Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World"
2719.Steely Dan - "Blues Beach"
2720.Steely Dan - "My Old School"
2721.Steely Dan - "Two Against Nature"
2722.Steely Dan - "What a Shame About Me"
2723.Steppenwolf - "Hey Lawdy Mama"
2724.Steppenwolf - "Rock Me"
2725.Cat Stevens - "Another Saturday Night" [Sam Cooke]
2726.Rod Stewart - "Hang on St. Christopher" [Tom Waits]
2727.The Stiletto Formal - "Murder at the Stiletto Formal"
2728.Stephen Stills - "Love the One You're With"
2729.Sting - "Drive My Car (Bootleg)" [The Beatles]
2730.Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Nr. 9 Zyklus, für einen Schlagzeuger"
2731.Stockholm Syndrome - "Couldn't Get It Right" [Climax Blues Band]
2732.Stone Gods - "I'm With the Band"
2733.Stone Gods - "Start of Something"
2734.The Stooges - "Gimme Danger"
2735.Los Straitjackets - "Swampfire"
2736.Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Incense and Peppermints"
2737.Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Small Package"
2738.Street Sweeper Social Club - "Clap for the Killers"
2739.Street Sweeper Social Club - "Promenade"
2740.Street Sweeper Social Club - "Shock You Again"
2741.Barbra Streisand - "Stoney End" [Laura Nyro]
2742.Stretch - "Why Did You Do It?"
2743.Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros - "Midnight Jam"
2744.Stuck Mojo - "Southern Pride"
2745.Jeff Sturges and Universe - "Mississippi Queen (Live)" [Mountain]
2746.Sublime - "Burritos"
2747.Suffrajett - "NY"
2748.Sugababes - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)" [The Eleventh Hour]
2749.The Sugarhill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"
2750.Sugarland - "Settlin'"
2751.Sullen - "Working Man"
2752.Donna Summer - "Dim All the Lights"
2753.Donna Summer - "I Feel Love"
2754.Super Furry Animals - "Juxtaposed With U"
2755.Super Furry Animals - "Slow Life"
2756.Supertramp - "Hide in Your Shell"
2757.Supertramp - "The Logical Song"
2758.The Supremes - "A Hard Day's Night" [The Beatles]
2759.The Supremes - "You Can't Do That" [The Beatles]
2760.Don Swan and His Orchestra - "La Furiosa"
2761.Sweet - "Little Willy"
2762.Sweet - "Stairway to the Stars"
2763.Matthew Sweet - "Into Your Drug"
2764.Matthew Sweet - "So Far"
2765.The Sword - "Cloak of Feathers"
2766.The Sword - "Night City"
2767.SWV - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)" [The Eleventh Hour]
2768.The Sylvers - "Boogie Fever"
2769.T-Ray - "Dance Sucka" [Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force]
2770.Tad - "Pansy"
2771.Taddy Porter - "Shake Me"
2772.Talk Talk - "Desire"
2773.Talk Talk - "Living in Another World"
2774.Talking Heads - "And She Was"
2775.Talking Heads - "Big Daddy"
2776.Talking Heads - "Bill"
2777.Talking Heads - "Blind"
2778.Talking Heads - "Crosseyed and Painless"
2779.Talking Heads - "Making Flippy Floppy"
2780.Talking Heads - "Mr. Jones"
2781.Talking Heads - "Once in a Lifetime"
2782.Talking Heads - "Papa Legba"
2783.Talking Heads - "Pull up the Roots"
2784.Talking Heads - "Radio Head"
2785.Talking Heads - "Tentative Decisions"
2786.Talking Heads - "Wild Wild Life"
2787.The James Taylor Quartet - "After the Dance (Live)" [Marvin Gaye]
2788.The James Taylor Quartet - "Got to Give it Up (Live)" [Marvin Gaye]
2789.The James Taylor Quartet - "Machine Gun (Live)" [The Commodores]
2790.Team William - "You Look Familiar"
2791.Tears for Fears - "Shout"
2792.Tech N9ne - "B. Boy"
2793.Tellison - "Ambulance"
2794.Tenacious D - "Kickapoo"
2795.Tenacious D - "The Osbournes (Jables Jam)"
2796.Todd Terje - "Bodies (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)"
2797.Terrorvision - "Dog Chewed the Handle"
2798.Tesla - "Honky Tonk Women" [The Rolling Stones]
2799.The Week That Was - "Learn to Learn"
2800.Them Crooked Vultures - "No One Loves Me & Neither Do I"
2801.Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines"
2802.Thievery Corporation - "Resolution (Rewound by Thievery Corporation)"
2803.Thin Lizzy - "Bad Habits"
2804.Thin Lizzy - "The Rocker"
2805.Think Tank - "A Knife & A Fork"
2806.This Town Needs Guns - "Adventure, Stamina & Anger"
2807.B.J. Thomas - "Hooked on a Feeling"
2808.Thomas / Mayer - "Sweet Harmony"
2809.Tracey Thorn - "Falling Off a Log"
2810.Tracey Thorn - "Get Around to It" [Arthur Russell]
2811.Tracey Thorn - "It's All True"
2812.Tracey Thorn - "Raise the Roof"
2813.George Thorogood & the Destoyers - "If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)"
2814.Three Dog Night - "Black and White"
2815.Throw Rag - "Bag of Glue"
2816.Throwdown - "Skeleton Vanguard"
2817.Throwing Muses - "Rabbits Dying"
2818.Thunder - "Don't Wait Up"
2819.Thunder - "Everybody Wants Her"
2820.Thunder - "Flawed to Perfection"
2821.Thunder - "Gimme Some Lovin'" [Spencer Davis Group]
2822.Thunder - "I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll"
2823.Thunder - "Lethal Combination"
2824.Thunder - "Move On"
2825.Thunder - "Out of My Head"
2826.Thunder - "Pilot of My Dreams"
2827.Thunder - "Play That Funky Music" [Wild Cherry]
2828.Thundermug - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2829.Tiga - "(Far From) Home (DFA Remix)"
2830.Timbaland - "Carry Out"
2831.Justin Timberlake - "(Oh No) What You Got"
2832.Justin Timberlake - "Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)"
2833.Justin Timberlake - "Señorita"
2834.The Time - "Chocolate"
2835.The Time - "Jungle Love"
2836.The Time - "Pandemonium"
2837.Time Zone - "World Destruction"
2838.Tindersticks - "Black Smoke"
2839.The Ting Tings - "Be the One"
2840.The Ting Tings - "Silence (Bag Raiders Remix)"
2841.Tinie Tempah - "Pass Out (SBTRKT Remix)"
2842.Tiny Masters of Today - "Hologram World"
2843.Tiny Masters of Today - "Trendsetter"
2844.Cal Tjader - "Evil Ways" [Willie Bobo]
2845.Toad the Wet Sprocket - "Come Down"
2846.Tom Tom Club - "Atsababy! (Life Is Great)"
2847.Tom Tom Club - "Genius of Love (Live)"
2848.Tom Tom Club - "L'Éléphant"
2849.Tom Tom Club - "Measure Up"
2850.Tom Tom Club - "The Man with the 4-Way Hips"
2851.Tom Tom Club - "This Is a Foxy World"
2852.Tommy Tutone - "Cheap Date"
2853.Gary Toms Empire - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2854.Tone-Lōc - "Funky Cold Medina"
2855.Tones on Tail - "Go!"
2856.Tones on Tail - "O.K., This Is the Pops"
2857.Tora Tora - "Guilty"
2858.Toto - "Africa"
2859.Tourniquet - "Oh Well" [Fleetwood Mac]
2860.Traffic - "Dealer"
2861.Traffic - "Feelin' Alright?"
2862.The Tragically Hip - "Fifty-Mission Cap"
2863.Trapeze - "Black Cloud"
2864.The Traveling Wilburys - "Handle with Care"
2865.The Traveling Wilburys - "Last Night"
2866.The Traveling Wilburys - "Wilbury Twist"
2867.Pat Travers - "Houses of the Holy" [Led Zeppelin]
2868.Pat Travers Band - "Snortin' Whiskey"
2869.The Tremeloes - "Here Comes My Baby" [Cat Stevens]
2870.Trenchmouth - "Doing the Flammability"
2871.Trenchmouth - "That's the Way (I Like It)" [KC & The Sunshine Band]
2872.The Trews - "Hold Me in Your Arms"
2873.Tribe of Gypsies - "Oh Well" [Fleetwood Mac]
2874.Trick Daddy - "Let's Go" [Ozzy Osbourne]
2875.Trickski - "Hormony"
2876.Tricky Nikki - "Bust the Rhythm of My ABC's"
2877.Travis Tritt - "Honky Tonk Women" [The Rolling Stones]
2878.Triumph - "Movin' On"
2879.Trivium - "Washing Away Me in the Tides"
2880.Trouble - "Psychotic Reaction"
2881.Trouble - "The Wolf"
2882.Trouble - "Tragedy Man"
2883.Robin Trower - "Lady Love"
2884.Robin Trower - "Shame the Devil"
2885.The Andrea True Connection - "More, More, More"
2886.The Tubes - "She's a Beauty"
2887.Tullycraft - "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About"
2888.tUnE-yArDs - "Killa"
2889.tUnE-yArDs - "Manchild"
2890.tUnE-yArDs - "My Country"
2891.tUnE-yArDs - "Powa"
2892.Turbonegro - "Humiliation Street"
2893.Joe Lynn Turner - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
2894.Joe Lynn Turner - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
2895.Tina Turner - "Better Be Good to Me"
2896.The Turtles - "How You Loved Me"
2897.The Turtles - "Outside Chance"
2898.The Turtles - "She'd Rather Be With Me"
2899.Tussle - "Eye Context"
2900.Shania Twain - "That Don't Impres Me Much"
2901.Twisted Sister - "We're Not Gonna Take It"
2902.Two Door Cinema Club - "What You Know"
2903.Type O Negative - "...A Dish Best Served Coldly"
2904.Type O Negative - "Der Untermensch"
2905.U.S. Maple - "Lay Lady Lay" [Bob Dylan]
2906.U2 - "Discothèque (New Mix)"
2907.U2 - "Stories for Boys"
2908.U2 - "The Refugee"
2909.UFO - "A Fool in Love" [The Frankie Miller Band]
2910.UFO - "Fight Night"
2911.UFO - "Flying"
2912.UFO - "Let It Roll"
2913.UFO - "One More for the Rodeo"
2914.UFO - "Shoot Shoot"
2915.UFO - "Star Storm"
2916.UFO - "Too Hot to Handle"
2917.Ugly Kid Joe - "Don't Go"
2918.Ultramagnetic MC's - "Travelling at the Speed of Thought"
2919.Umphrey's McGee - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Bootleg)" [Blue Öyster Cult]
2920.Umphrey's McGee - "Alex's House"
2921.Umphrey's McGee - "Domino Theory"
2922.Umphrey's McGee - "Higgins"
2923.Umphrey's McGee - "Liquid"
2924.Umphrey's McGee - "Making Flippy Floppy" [Talking Heads]
2925.Umphrey's McGee - "My Old School (Bootleg)" [Steely Dan]
2926.Umphrey's McGee - "Nothing Too Fancy"
2927.Umphrey's McGee - "Prowler"
2928.Umphrey's McGee - "Red Room Disco"
2929.Umphrey's McGee - "Ringo"
2930.Umphrey's McGee - "Roulette"
2931.Umphrey's McGee - "Women Wine and Song"
2932.Uncle Tupelo - "Graveshift Yard"
2933.The Underground - "Turn on Your Love Light (Live)" [Bobby Bland]
2934.Underworld - "Two Months Off"
2935.Unit 4+2 - "Concrete & Clay"
2936.The Universal Robot Band - "Barely Breaking Even (Club Version)"
2937.UNKLE - "In a State (DFA Remix)"
2938.UNKLE - "The Knock (Drums of Death, Pt. 2)"
2939.Keith Urban - "Stuck in the Middle" [Stealers Wheel]
2940.Urge Overkill - "Niteliner"
2941.Urge Overkill - "Sister Havana"
2942.Uriah Heep - "Devil's Daughter"
2943.Ursula 1000 - "Do It Right"
2944.Ursula 1000 - "I.C.O.M.E."
2945.Ursula 1000 - "Losin' It"
2946.Ursula 1000 - "Rocket"
2947.Ursula 1000 - "Star Machine"
2948.Ursula 1000 - "Tension"
2949.Us3 - "You Can't Hold Me Down"
2950.Utopia - "Hammer in My Heart"
2951.Vains of Jenna - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
2952.Valient Thorr - "Total Universe Man: IV. Blow Up the Pyramid"
2953.Vallejo - "Mexican Radio" [Wall of Voodoo]
2954.Vallejo - "Take a Ride"
2955.Van der Graaf Generator - "La Rossa"
2956.Van Halen - "30 Days in the Hole (Bootleg)" [Humble Pie]
2957.Van Halen - "Amsterdam"
2958.Van Halen - "Beats Workin'"
2959.Van Halen - "Black and Blue"
2960.Van Halen - "Dance the Night Away"
2961.Van Halen - "Dancing in the Street" [Martha & the Vandellas]
2962.Van Halen - "Drop Dead Legs"
2963.Van Halen - "Hang 'Em High"
2964.Van Halen - "Hear About It Later"
2965.Van Halen - "House of Pain"
2966.Van Halen - "Loss of Control"
2967.Van Halen - "Mississippi Queen (Bootleg)" [Mountain]
2968.Van Halen - "Rock Steady (Bootleg)" [Bad Company]
2969.Johnny Van Zant Band - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2970.David Vandervelde - "More Than You Can Feel"
2971.Vanity Fare - "Hitchin' a Ride"
2972.Aldo Vanucci - "I Gotta Fever"
2973.Sylvie Vartan - "Drive My Car" [The Beatles]
2974.Tom Vek - "If You Want"
2975.Velocity Girl - "Pop Loser"
2976.Velvet Revolver - "For a Brother"
2977.Velvet Revolver - "Get Out the Door"
2978.Velvet Revolver - "She Mine"
2979.The Velvet Underground - "One of These Days"
2980.The Velvet Underground - "Some Kinda Love"
2981.Venom - "Meglomania" [Black Sabbath]
2982.The Ventures - "Grazing in the Grass" [Hugh Masekela]
2983.Vile - "Lord of This World" [Black Sabbath]
2984.Vinnie Vincent Invasion - "Dirty Rhythm"
2985.Vinyl - "Cowbell Funk"
2986.Violent Femmes - "Out the Window"
2987.Vixen - "How Much Love"
2988.Von Hertzen Brothers - "Insomniac"
2989.W.A.S.P. - "Jack Action"
2990.W.A.S.P. - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
2991.Wadsworth Mansion - "Sweet Mary"
2992.Rufus Wainwright - "Do I Disappoint You"
2993.Tom Waits - "Cold Water"
2994.Tom Waits - "Hang on St. Christopher"
2995.Tom Waits - "The Black Rider"
2996.David T. Walker - "Lay Lady Lay" [Bob Dylan]
2997.Scott Walker - "Rawhide"
2998.Wall of Voodoo - "Mexican Radio"
2999.Joe Walsh - "Life's Been Good"
3000.WAR - "Heartbeat"
3001.WAR - "Low Rider"
3002.Warhorse - "Burning"
3003.Warhorse - "Feeling Better"
3004.Warrant - "Hair of the Dog" [Nazareth]
3005.Was (Not Was) - "Walk the Dinosaur"
3006.Dinah Washington - "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? (Rae & Christian Remix)" [Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five]
3007.Grover Washington, Jr. - "Just the Two of Us"
3008.Watchers - "Out of the Blocks"
3009.Watchers - "Rabble"
3010.Watchers - "S.I.S.I.A.I"
3011.Crystal Waters - "100% Pure Love"
3012.The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - "Do Your Thing"
3013.Wayd - "Decadence"
3014.Wayne - "Mississippi Queen" [Mountain]
3015.Waysted - "Love Loaded"
3016.We Are Scientists - "Surprise"
3017.We Are Scientists - "The Great Escape (The Silence Mix)"
3018.Wehrmacht - "Beermacht"
3019.Scott Weiland - "Mockingbird Girl"
3020.Daniel Wesley - "Drunk + Stoned"
3021.Whistle - "(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin'"
3022.Barry White - "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe"
3023.Barry White - "Low Rider" [WAR]
3024.Barry White - "What Am I Gonna Do With You"
3025.Jack White - "Sixteen Saltines (Bootleg)"
3026.Whitesnake - "Bloody Mary"
3027.Whitesnake - "Cheap an' Nasty"
3028.Whitesnake - "Sweet Talker"
3029.The Who - "Slip Kid"
3030.Widespread Panic - "Low Rider (Bootleg)" [WAR]
3031.Wilco - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Bootleg)" [Blue Öyster Cult]
3032.Wilco - "Casino Queen"
3033.Wild Cherry - "99 1/2" [Wilson Pickett]
3034.Wild Cherry - "Play That Funky Music"
3035.The Wildbunch - "Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother) (Live)"
3036.Esther Williams - "Last Night Changed It All (I Had a Ball)"
3037.Pharrell Williams - "It Girl"
3038.Robbie Williams - "Do You Mind"
3039.Hank Williams, Jr. - "Honky Tonk Women" [The Rolling Stones]
3040.Cassandra Wilson - "Lay Lady Lay" [Bob Dylan]
3041.Gretchen Wilson - "Funk #49" [James Gang]
3042.Wing (曾詠韓) - "Black and White" [Michael Jackson]
3043.Winger - "Easy Come, Easy Go"
3044.Wings - "Cafe on the Left Bank"
3045.Wings - "I've Had Enough"
3046.Wings - "Must Do Something About It"
3047.Wings - "Rock Show"
3048.Wings - "Silly Love Songs"
3049.The Edgar Winter Group - "Alta Mira"
3050.The Edgar Winter Group - "Frankenstein"
3051.The Edgar Winter Group - "Free Ride"
3052.Wire Train - "Moonlight Dream"
3053.Witchcraft - "No Angel or Demon"
3054.Witchcraft - "Samaritan Burden"
3055.Witchfinder General - "A Night to Remember"
3056.Witchfinder General - "Music"
3057.Witchfinder General - "R.I.P."
3058.Wizzard - "You Got the Jump on Me"
3059.Peter Wolf - "Lights Out"
3060.Todd Wolfe Band - "Mississippi Queen (Live)" [Mountain]
3061.Jonathan Wolff - "Seinfeld Theme"
3062.Jonathan Wolff - "Will & Grace Theme"
3063.Wolfmother - "Love Train"
3064.Wolfmother - "White Feather"
3065.Wolfmother - "Woman"
3066.The Wombats - "My Circuitboard City"
3067.Stevie Wonder - "Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing"
3068.Stevie Wonder - "Living for the City"
3069.Stevie Wonder - "Pastime Paradise"
3070.Stevie Wonder - "Sir Duke"
3071.Lyle Workman - "Like a Pimp"
3072.Lyle Workman - "Super What?"
3073.Wrathchild - "Wreckless"
3074.Gary Wright - "Love Is Alive"
3075.Zakk Wylde - "Mississippi Queen (Bootleg)" [Mountain]
3076.X [Japan] (エックス ジャパン) - "Desperate Angel"
3077.X [Japan] (エックス ジャパン) - "Joker"
3078.Xploding Plastix - "6 Hours Starlight"
3079.XTC - "Merely a Man"
3080.XTC - "War Dance"
3081.The xx - "Night Time"
3082.The xx - "VCR (Matthew Dear Remix)"
3083.Y&T - "She's Gone"
3084.YACHT - "Psychic City (Classixx Remix)"
3085.Weird Al Yankovic - "Amish Paradise" [Coolio LV]
3086.Weird Al Yankovic - "Close but No Cigar"
3087.Weird Al Yankovic - "Money for Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies" [Dire Straits]
3088.Weird Al Yankovic - "Polka Face"
3089.Weird Al Yankovic - "Pretty Fly For a Rabbi" [The Offspring]
3090.Weird Al Yankovic - "This Is the Life"
3091.Weird Al Yankovic - "Trash Day" [Nelly]
3092.Yello - "Bostich"
3093.Yes - "Owner of a Lonely Heart"
3094.Yes - "Roundabout"
3095.Yes - "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)"
3096.Ying Yang Twins - "Keep on Coming"
3097.Yo La Tengo - "Mr. Tough"
3098.You Am I - "Deliverance"
3099.Young M.C. - "Principal's Office"
3100.Z-Trip - "All About the Music" [Jimmy Castor]
3101.Zapp - "Funky Bounce"
3102.Frank Zappa - "Broken Hearts Are for Assholes"
3103.Frank Zappa - "Flakes"
3104.Warren Zevon - "Basket Case"
3105.Warren Zevon - "Johnny Strikes Up the Band"
3106.Zior - "Strange Kind of Magic"
3107.Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer - "The Hot Situation"
3108.Rob Zombie - "We're an American Band" [Grand Funk Railroad]
3109.The Zutons - "Bumbag"
3110.The Zutons - "Dirty Rat"
3111.The Zutons - "Harder and Harder"
3112.The Zutons - "Have I Lost You?"
3113.The Zutons - "Hello Conscience"
3114.The Zutons - "It's the Little Things We Do"
3115.The Zutons - "Moons and Horror Shows"
3116.The Zutons - "Nightmare Part II"
3117.The Zutons - "Pressure Point"
3118.The Zutons - "Railroad"
3119.The Zutons - "Valerie"
3120.The Zutons - "What's Your Problem"
3121.The Zutons - "Zuton Fever"
3122.ZZ Top - "Heaven, Hell or Houston"
3123.ZZ Top - "Manic Mechanic"
3124.ZZ Top - "Party on the Patio"

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