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The F.U.'s - "[We're an] American Band"[Grand Funk Railroad]

Agnetha Fältskog - "The Heat Is On"

Faces - "Had Me a Real Good Time"

Faces - "Maybe I'm Amazed (Live/BBC)"[Paul McCartney]

Factory Floor - "Turn It Up"

Donald Fagen - "New Frontier"

Donald Fagen - "The Nightfly"

The Faint - "Your Retro Career Melted (Ursula 1000 Urgent/Nervous Mix)"

Fairport Convention - "Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunters' Jig / Toss the Feathers"[Traditional]

Andy Fairweather Low - "I Ain't No Mountain"

Percy Faith - "Summer Breeze"[Seals & Crofts]

Percy Faith & His Orchestra - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

Faith No More - "Ugly in the Morning"

Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus - "Spinning Wheel"[Blood, Sweat & Tears]

Faithless - "Killer's Lullaby (Nightmare on Wax Remix)"

Fake Problems - "The Dream Team"

Fake Shark - "Cheap Thrills"

Falcon - "Redman"[Bang]

The Fall - "City Hobgoblins"

The Fall - "Telephone Thing"

Fantasia - "Lady Marmalade (Bootleg)"[The Eleventh Hour]

Farewell to Freeway - "Afterlife Lottery"

Pat Farrell and The Believers - "Bad Woman"

Dionne Farris - "I Know"

The Fatback Band - "Backstrokin'"

The Fatback Band - "Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money)"

Fatboy Slim - "Don't Let the Man Get You Down"

Fatboy Slim - "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba"[Olatunji!]

Fatboy Slim - "Mad Flava"

Fatboy Slim - "Slash Dot Dash"

Fatboy Slim - "Song for Chesh"

Fatboy Slim - "The Joker"[Steve Miller Band]

Fatboy Slim - "Weapon of Choice"

Fattburger - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

The Feelies - "Time Is Right"

The Feeling - "Love It When You Call"

Don Felder - "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)"

Cheo Feliciano - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

The Fenders - "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"[Bachman-Turner Overdrive]

Fenix TX - "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car"[Billy Ocean]

Jay Ferguson - "Shakedown Cruise"

Jay Ferguson - "Thunder Island (Bootleg)"

Bryan Ferry - "Kiss and Tell"

Bryan Ferry - "Slave to Love"

The Fever - "Gypsy Cab / Down on Dog Street"

Field Music - "If Only the Moon Were Up"

The Figgs - "Supreme Fashion"

Fingazz - "Low Rider"[WAR]

Fire Engines - "Discord"

Fire Engines - "Get Up and Use Me"

Fire Engines - "Hungry Beat"

Fire Engines - "Sympathetic Anaesthetic (Version)"

Fireball Ministry - "Daughter of the Damned"

Fireball Ministry - "Death Dealer"

Fireball Ministry - "End of Story"

Fireball Ministry - "Flatline"

Fireball Ministry - "He Who Kills"

Fireball Ministry - "Maidens of Venus"

Fireball Ministry - "Muscle of Love"[Alice Cooper]

Fireball Ministry - "The Man"

Fireball Ministry - "The Sinner"

Fireball Ministry - "Two Tears"

Fireballs of Freedom - "Sweat Vest"

Firebird - "Blue Flame"

Firebird - "Good Times"

Firebird - "Soul Saviour"

fIREHOSE - "Epoxy, for Example"

FireHouse - "Reach for the Sky"

FireHouse - "Shake & Tumble"

Chad Fischer - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

Wild Man Fischer - "Merry-Go-Round"

Five Horse Johnson - "Never in My Life"[Mountain]

Five Horse Johnson - "The Ballad of Sister Ruth"

Five Man Electrical Band - "Absolutely Right"

The Fixx - "Some People"

Roberta Flack - "I'm the One"

Los Flamers - "Oye Cómo Va"[Tito Puente]

The Flaming Lips - "Smoke on the Water"[Deep Purple]

Flash and the Pan - "The African Shuffle"

Fleetwood Mac - "Born Enchanter"

Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way (Live)"

Fleetwood Mac - "Gold Dust Woman"

Fleetwood Mac - "Hold Me"

Fleetwood Mac - "Homeward Bound"

Fleetwood Mac - "Oh Well"

Fleetwood Mac - "Tell Me All the Things You Do"

Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"

The Fleshtones - "Cold, Cold Shoes"

The Flirts - "Calling All Boys"

A Flock of Seagulls - "Remember David"

Flow Dynamics - "Up in the Party"

Flower Travellin' Band (フラワー・トラベリン・バンド) - "Louisiana Blues"[Muddy Waters]

Brandon Flowers, Britt Daniel, Dhani Harrison, Jonathan Bates, Wayne Coyne & "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Handle with Care (Live)"[The Traveling Wilburys]

Eddie Floyd - "Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You've Been)"

Eddie Floyd - "Soul Street"

The Flying Burrito Brothers - "White Line Fever"[Merle Haggard]

Flying Lotus - "Parisian Goldfish"

Foals - "Everytime"

Foals - "Hummer"

Dan Fogelberg - "The Language of Love"

John Fogerty - "Bad Bad Boy"

John Fogerty - "Longshot"

Foghat - "Blue Spruce Woman"

Foghat - "Rock and Roll Outlaw"

Foghat - "Slow Ride (Live)"

Foghat - "Stranger in My Home Town"

Ben Folds Five - "Kate"

Ben Folds Five - "Mess"

Foo Fighters - "All My Life (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "Born on the Bayou (Live)"[Creedence Clearwater Revival]

Foo Fighters - "Cold Day in the Sun (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "Everlong (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "Miss You (Bootleg)"[The Rolling Stones]

Foo Fighters - "My Hero (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "Rope"

Foo Fighters - "Sean"

Foo Fighters - "See You (Live)"

Foo Fighters - "The Pretender (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "This Is a Call (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "Weenie Beenie (Bootleg)"

Foo Fighters - "White Limo (Bootleg)"

The Forbidden Dimension - "Where's My Wolves?"

Tom Lum Forest - "Down on the Corner"[Creedence Clearwater Revival]

Andy J. Forest Band - "Low Rider"[WAR]

Formation - "All the Rest Is Noise"

Formation - "Back Then"

Formation - "Hangin"

Formation - "Young Ones"

Fort Minor - "Believe Me"

Four Tet - "A Joy"

The Four Tops - "Still Water (Love)"

Kim Fowley - "Hide and Seek"

Jeff Foxworthy - "Totally Committed"

Fozzy - "Live Wire"[Mötley Crüe]

Roddy Frame - "Reason for Living"

Aretha Franklin - "Rock Steady"

Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation - "Stomp"

Michael Franti & Spearhead - "Hey Now Now"

Freak Power - "Turn on, Tune in, Cop Out"

Free Energy - "Backscratcher"

Free Energy - "Dark Trance"

Free Energy - "Electric Fever"

Free Energy - "Free Energy"

Coco Freeman - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"[U2]

Coco Freeman - "The Dark of the Matinee (Spanish Version)"[Franz Ferdinand]

Freeway - "Turn Out the Lights (Freewest)"

Ace Frehley - "Foxy & Free"

Ace Frehley - "Hide Your Heart"

Ace Frehley - "Snow Blind"

Ace Frehley - "Something Moved"

Ace Frehley - "Speedin' Back To My Baby"

Ace Frehley - "The Joker"[Steve Miller Band]

Ace Frehley - "Trouble Walkin'"

Freudiana - "The Nirvana Principle"

Friendly Fires - "Jump in the Pool"

Friendly Fires - "Paris"

Friends - "I'm His Girl"

The Friggs - "Girl Power"

The Front Bottoms - "Father"

Front End Loader - "All Star Jam"

Fu Manchu - "Ampn'"

Fu Manchu - "Blue Tile Fever"

Fu Manchu - "Boogie Van"

Fu Manchu - "Bultaco"

Fu Manchu - "Cyclone Launch"

Fu Manchu - "Didn't Really Try"

Fu Manchu - "Don't Bother Knockin'"

Fu Manchu - "Drive"

Fu Manchu - "Freedom of Choice"[Devo]

Fu Manchu - "Gathering Speed"

Fu Manchu - "I Wanna Be"

Fu Manchu - "Mega-Bumpers"

Fu Manchu - "Module Overload"

Fu Manchu - "Mongoose"

Fu Manchu - "Radio Source Sagittarius"

Fu Manchu - "Separate Kingdom"

Fu Manchu - "Shine It On"

Fu Manchu - "Signs of Infinite Power"

Fu Manchu - "Solid Hex"

Fu Manchu - "Space Sucker"

Fu Manchu - "Time to Fly"

Fu Manchu - "Trapeze Freak"

Fu Manchu - "Understand"

Fu Manchu - "Unknown World"

Fu Manchu - "Urethane"

Fu Manchu - "When the Shit Hits the Fan"[Circle Jerks]

Fu Manchu - "Wurkin'"

Fujiya & Miyagi - "Conductor 71"

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Couldn't Get It Right"[Climax Blues Band]

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Korean Bodega"

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Loco"

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "My Sin"

Fun Lovin' Criminals - "Southside"

fun. - "Out on the Town"

Funeral Party - "New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A."

Funkadelic - "Better by the Pound"

Funkadelic - "Funk Gets Stronger (Part 1)"

Funkadelic - "One Nation Under a Groove"

Funkadelic - "Super Stupid"

Funkadelic - "Wars of Armageddon"

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